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How about a kickstarter to keep the servers alive?

I’ve been thinking of a few solutions to keep the game alive - as I believe a lot of us would love to. I’m still not ok with the idea of Duelyst going away as it’s a great game.

The main idea would be to have a kickstarter again, in order to keep the servers up ( once, or yearly ), and give us rewards. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years of extra servers, new expansion, mobile version, etc.

I know we’re not a BIG community, but those of us that are in the community, are not only extremely nice to each other, but I’d say - we are very dedicated to the game.

The kickstarter would have 100$ from me on day one + a big message on my youtube channel ( Duelyst dedicated channel with over 600 subscribers ).

Who’s with me and would love to see this beautiful game still alive ?


I’m in, if we got any chance running it it might be the way.



For sure.

15 characters.


My friend, I LOVE this game. Thousands of hours and all of my heart went into playing it, but I don’t think what you’re suggesting will accomplish what the community wants, yaknow?

We’d be feeding money into a game that will receive no updates, no adjustments, and no love from the dev side. The meta will be as stagnant as it was when I left, but it will remain that way forever.

I would do a kickstarter for new content. I would do a kickstarter to prove that there’s a financial incentive to keep the game alive, but I don’t think life support matters for a game that will never grow, change, respond, or live on its own again.

I’m so sorry.


I disagree with that.

The meta is pretty good right now but I don’t see how Bandai will accept a KS to take money for server upkeep. If they would do that, well I would be paying for that for sure.


Count me in. I even thought of a petition, for heaven’s sake…


And, given previous experiences, would you even trust Bandai to keep servers open?


Well we can summon @stormshade . He is the guy to talk to, I guess :slight_smile: What does it take to keep the servers alive?


Hi Folks,

Unfortunately there aren’t any avenues left open. I’ve spoken to my team here, and we’ve discussed things with CPG, and at this point the servers will be closing as planned.


The only thing we could do at this point is probably only reverse engineering Duelyst and keeping our servers far from any eyes which could remind us of copyrights.


Sadly without public access or support it would likely go the route of pox/shardbound/smite and a bunch of other clones with an open server but no one on it.

Without the stamp of approval of CPG we are in trouble, even if we go and clone the game properly actually getting the community to migrate is no small task, and considering Duelyst is the only one of its kind that seemed to maintain a large enough playerbase for proper matchmaking, starting from scratch is grim.

All it takes is for the company to let us throw enough money at them and or let people volunteer. Which I see no reason for them not to, they only have something to gain. So hopefully we can go the way of Scrolls (Which I just learned got its company approved community run servers).

…I fear that if they let it die now, and eventually get around to bringing it back it is likely to flop. But of course a fresh start and proper marketing after a reasonable break might do the trick to, but we will see.


Seems unlikely, when you think that Bandai is not producing Godfall…


Heck yeah. We will do all we can.


However they have everything to lose by shutting it down without taking the free money that will be thrown at them for servers. I was certainly going to checkout godfall despite being a bit salty that it was taking attention away from duelyst, but now you can be sure I and many others won’t even touch their other products unless duelyst stays on / comes back.

Not only are they throwing away free money that people are trying to throw at them, doing this may doom their other products.

@ThanatosNoa Have you brought this to folks attention? People will literally pay whatever it takes to preserve the game, and if they ignore that does CPG realize they may doom themselves? There must be some wiggle room to allow for someone else to host a server just like how Scrolls did.

Also any idea on how much they would flat out charge for the IP? 50k? 100k? a Million?


Aren’t the servers Namco’s, though (since they decided to shut them down) ?
And the cost to keep them running is just a rounding error somewhere ?

Godfall, it seems, isn’t published by Namco - so N. cares little about the resentment of the Duelyst crowd (as should be evident by the huge amount of resources they invested while muddling the waters - i.e. being publisher of Duelyst). Why should they start being concerned about the Dooly crowd now ?

Not that CPG hasn’t made mistakes over the lifetime of Duelyst…


If Bandai is closing their servers doesn’t that mean they are basicly out of the picture as that was their only contribution? So in theory that should open up the possibility for others, and or at the worst Bandai may demand a cut of the proceedings?

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BN’s contributions:

  • Servers
  • Login / Accounts
  • Community Leader
  • Dedicated Community Manager (THAT lasted long)
  • Diamonds currency
  • Customer Service / Helpdesk
  • Region Locks (!!)
  • Name Changes
  • … uh free coffee ?

I imagine the second being the crux (- and while they can unilaterally kill the servers ?).

But the details of whatever deal there was between CPG and BN are unlikely to become public and might very well contain other stuff.


Good post. Exactly the second point is the problem. The systems are really intertwined and setting it up back then took months and the same thing would be happen now, but nobody is getting paid for that.

CPG’s focus is on Godfall of course (I mean it is the first announced PS5 exclusive title), so they would have ignored Duelyst further on (at least till Godfall’s release, after that’s a different story) but Namco decided differently.


Wont happen but it would be funny and cool if CPG released Duelyst inside Godfall a la Final Fantasy cardgames. Finish dungeon, come back to city to gold match strangers, queue in ladder at coliseum… eternal inexplicable nostalgia for .Hack//