Hosting Custom Games


Sup everyone

Yo creators, would it be possible to host public games? I understand I can fight my friends and all or go onto forums and search for people but it would be nice if we could just host a lobby and allow people to join and duel!

—You wouldn’t earn gold or anything of course, it’s just to talk and duel

—The lobby could hold a good amount of people, maybe 20, with the feature to decrease this number and set private slots if desired by the host.

—The people not dueling could watch the others and discuss stuff, like “what a funny deck!”, “this guy is really good!” or “what should I cook tonight?!”

—It would give the community a place to fight outside of rank, watch/learn from others (within the game at real time), promote to duel in unique ways, - i.e. Only gimmick decks, silly decks, 4 cost or less decks etc and take away that terrible, terrible feeling of playing rank when you just wanna play for shits and giggles!

—Insert perfect awesome reason here!

Alright internet! Tell me how this is a bad idea and how I was a fool to even bring it up! XD :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I would love this feature and think it would bring more good than bad.


i think this is what the casual games that people are asking for on the forums should be. a place where people who are not accepted friends can meet up and play whatever deck they want with people watching. it could get toxic, but if the rooms are named properly and people actually talk before starting a match it would be pretty nice.

it would also be great for streamers or people who want to help noobs or show new people what its about.

Im sure they could implement a chat function that acts like the “history” bar on the left of the screen (but on the right) so the people can chat without navigating a menu or pause the game.