Horror burster?


I had mild success with this card in duelyst+1 heavy hitters, (8th place) but i’m wondering if this card works with an abyssian swarm deck on the current ladder.


I don’t play Abyssian that much but I see the card frequently these days, so… there are decks that play the card.


there are decks that play the card, but since its best used on a bad, but not empty, board state its somewhat difficult to use. especially if you have the advantage. you wouldnt want a bloodmoon or a kelaino turning into a horror.


^This, it’s more or less situational. It, imo, is best in the early game if you have some wraithlings down and can afford to summon it. Usually my opponents don’t want that big horror out and about and take it out ASAP with some sort of dispell, but as the game goes on and you start having bigger minions, it loses its value because an important minion can be turned. I’ve also learned that minioms that respawn (Gor) do NOT respawn after turning into a horror. Just a bit of FYI :slight_smile:


I run it but I usually don’t find it useful unless I’m facing Sajj blast decks, in which case I throw it out in line with my general. :relieved: But yeah what @vorcton said…


I ran it in +1 too and it worked ok there. But I don’t really think there’s any place for it on the ladder.

But running it in +1 isn’t really saying much when it comes to ladder, I mean I ran 3x wraithling fury and 3x blood baronette and I came in 1st :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not best as a 3-of because I think it’s an early game card, but it can be powerful since it demands very specific answers in either a dispel or a total board clear prior to eliminating it.


Zooch did a decktech on a Horror Burster swarm deck. It’s a cool alternative way to utilize the swarm guys. If you’re going to do it though, you should probably go deep with Consuming Rebirths, Darkfire Sacrifices and Spelljammers to keep it fueled up. The main issue with Burster, is that it has to be sequenced before Deathfires, Bloodmoons or Furosas, but on a board of wraithlings, it’s a fine play. Playing Zyx allows you to use Horror Burster without fear of Skorn blowout.


It’s a situational card, considering the randomness of the transformed target, but plays with dfc can get out of control if you don’t have answers to the following horror+ ramped threat. Or play around enemy battle pets to hit it which is very nasty to say the least.


I really like the card, but there’s no room for it in a normal swarm deck. Did wonders in my Variax deck pre nerf, and is great with Consuming Rebirth in my dying wish deck.

If you play a Tiger and kill your Burster you get a 6/6 rush


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