Horrible Hollow Grovekeeper Deck




This deck’s wincon is a ramped Hollow Grovekeeper. In the beginning you’ll want to get out an Aethermaster if possible, and use it to replace for your combo, which is as follows: Swamp Entangler or a pre-existing Provoke/Frenzy minion, Flash Reincarnation, Hollow Grovekeeper, Amplification. If you do this you will probably just win the game off of a concede. Some other things you should be doing in the meantime: Young Slithar shenanigans, Dioltas shenanigans, Aethermaster + Kron shenanigans, and you can use the Hollow Grovekeeper on a Frenzy or Provoke prisoner.


When your 3 attack tech card is labeled as a win condition :thinking:


Hey man Frenzy and Provoke are no laughing matter. You lock down the board and if they don’t have a whopping 4 dmg to clear your dude then you get to frenzy for 3.


But if you just need a frenzy minion why don’t use the sword of mechaz0r?


Shit Man u rite. And for the low low cost of 5 mana (situationally)


Well, when flash-amped it becomes a 5-6 frenzy-provoke for 6 mana. And that’s discounting the removal it gives.


So you get a DBlades with +1 attack and provoke for 3 cards and 4 mana that can be removed any number of single cards, for even as low as 2 mana.

Besides that, the frenzy and provoke are situational, and by the look of your deck you lose your own minion to get this tank on the ground.



Yes, I know it’s bad. Although, Songhai might work better, as I’d be able to Inner Focus it. Also, the plan is to bait as much removal as possible.


Wouldn’t that make it more of a Silithar Elder deck, and you’d probably want things like Rancours to bait even more, and ditch the Entanglers/Fruitcakes, drop the Grovekeeper count by at least 1 and add more threats?


Well yeah. Slithar and Grovekeeper are the two main wincons, but as Slithar Elder also benefits from being ramped and not having too much dispel, I decided why not. Let’s try to make this viable.


Elder can avalanche into a victory faster than Variax and is difficult to remove. If they burn all their removal you can use it as a wincon.

Grovekeeper, however, is definitely not a wincon. Without a 3 or even 4 card combo it’s quite situational, and even then doesn’t win the game outright, just puts a body on the board. Not even an impressive one without Amplification.

Regardless, it hurts your deck to split focus. It’d be better to ditch the 2 drops that just aren’t good. You have some replace cards in there, you could ditch some more Grovekeeper cards and add more synergy for that while keeping your Elder combo and meme value.

I just don’t see this deck being any good as is, and I doubt you’ve tested it.


Hell no. I just thought “Hey there are a lot of cool neutral cards! Hollow Grovekeeper? I’ll try to make that work.” And here we are.

Anyway, is this a good meme?

I call it Replace Edgemar.


So you’re sharing this deck for a laugh?

I wish I had a copy of the card, I’d definitely tech in a copy of it or two in a few of my decks.


Yeah, pretty much.


Why don’t you just play a War Talon instead? :wink:


Cause war talon dies to Grovekeeper duh


When your Grovekeeper deck is the anti Grovekeeper deck


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