Horrible Arcanehai


Here’s a shower-thought of mine. I thought I might get some feedback on this before I test it, so critique away. This deck’s wincon is getting so many +10 health Illusions on the board that your opponent concedes, as well as some 34/56 Chakri Avatars. Or just giving your opponent a seizure from all the Illusions running around the board.


I used owlbeast in the deck I got to diamond. I personally love xho, and I’m surprised you didn’t put in mirror meld. An early unanswered chakri into mirror meld is devastating. The reason I ditched illusionist is plasma storm, but that all depends on who you play against.


I loved playing this back in the day before the Mana Vortex change. I have to ask though: where are the Onyx Jaguars?! If you want to achieve ultimate buffness, you need that jaguar goodness in your deck! Maybe take out the Bloodrage Masks since I don’t think burning your opponent out is the goal of the deck, looking at its design. You even have the Juxtapositions and Mist Dragon Seals to combo with the jaguars.

Move-hai + Arcanyst = happiness :yum:


Tbh, this looks pretty standard for an Arcanysthai deck


Songhai is the only faction with in-faction arcanysts so I’m surprised nobody uses decks like this. Not to mention all the cheap spells at their disposal.
On the side note, inspired by my success in the gauntlet with a similar deck, I am planning on making something like this with a few tweaks to climb with in the next season.


Oh, I didn’t even know it was a pre-existing archetype.


It was really the only viable one (though Arcanystruvian was close) because of the multitude of cheap spells. Although, it was VERY reliant on the old Mana Vortex, so it kinda died with the nerf.


That’s sad.


looks like you need some heaven eclipse you will probably run out of cards soon


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