Horrible Abyssian Deck


I’m starting to get tired of playing Spellhai, I kind of wanted something different. So I made this monstrosity.

It’s not my current deck, but rather what I’m planning to make. If you have any suggestions please give them to me before I waste some spirit.


-2 night fiend (it’s bad) +1 jugg +1 spec Rev
-3 gloom chaser +3 healing mystic

-3 nova +3 blood tear alch.

Spell jammer might be better than sojourner idk
Maybe drop a bloodtear for a rite if card draw is still and issue.
Maybe try and squeeze 2 dancing blades in


Why remove shadow nova? I don’t play Abyssian much so I may be wrong, but isn’t it a vital card for Cassyva? However I do agree on removing Night fiend and adding another Juggernaut.


Nova is an over priced investment compared to what you could be doing with 4 mana that turn.

By all means go ahead and test it out. But for sure don’t bother with 3 copies.


i made a similar deck that i have since moved on from.

remove 1 night fiend. it can be a useful and unexpected AOE lategame and ive even gotten lethal from it, but you dont want it outside of a select few situations

+1 juggernaut. they are a threat and potential win condition.

-3 gloomchasers. you want this game to drag on to the late game and gloom just isnt that good

maybe +1 rite. since the game drags on and sometimes sojourner just doesnt draw enough. you might want a rite. personal preference really

+1 revenant if you have the spirit, these things are awesome and everyone should have them

maybe 1 or 2 klaxon or even variax if you want even more late game options.

i like 1 necrotic sphere as tech against getting surrounded and provoked since sometimes punish just isnt enough.

you might want +1 obliterate for consistency or +1 azaleas for alternate win condition. azaleas combo really well with shadow nova.

maybe +2 reaper since they are a good threat and can help you catch up if your behind


It’s not a terrible card, but not worth playing without Variax.

I would drop the Shrouds unless you’re desperate for Mechazor answers, Punish and Whip are usually enough removal.

Basically what he said. Night Fiends are p bad, find a 3rd Jugg, use Mystics to stall or those 1/4 General healers. Gloomchasers are also useless and DBlades are good for the 5 slot. Find a third Revenant if possible.


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