Hopes/Predictions for Expansion 2?


Any predictions or hopes for upcoming expansion, I know 2 months are left (or more) but it’s never too early to speculate, right?
I’ll start: we might get some control options for most classes, or some tempo regain cards so slower decks may keep up with faster ones.


I can only pray with you. Now I just hope I get decent early drops and draw properly to play on curve. Cause 9/10 times I lose if I made 1 or 2 suboptimal plays,not having answers or find myself getting bursted down even when I fought for the board the whole game. Speaking as a cassy and former vetruvian main.


It’s funny when sometimes you have an option of clearing the board or healing and you’re still dead no matter what you do because if you heal you lose tempo and if you clear they pull off 10-15 damage out of ass.


I made a list
Good abyssian 3 drops
High cost lyonar cards that aren’t legendary
Ranged vetruvian removal
Different archetypes for songhai
Neutral cards that support control decks


I think some more support for Archetypes that are not really viable would be cool. Golems for example, are only played in gauntlet or by brand new players who have no other cards. They have cards already that seem to be trying to make them have synergy like the Golem summoning card and the Golem Provoker. There just isn’t enough to go on to make it worth including them though. Golems, Ranged, and Flying are the first that come to mind. Super stoked, so excited to start hearing news soon.


I’d play golems if I had vanquishers

The question is: which general?


Well, we do know the theme is going to be the synergy with bloodborn spells. Now it all depends on how they actually implement it. But we also how it’s not going to be only thing going for it just pets weren’t for shimzar. I just hope for a bearable meta where no single faction is too strong or too infuriating to play against.

But if I have to make a prediction, I’d say how we will see a neutral grandmaster which will have some crazy effect regarding BBS. Maybe something like Justicar from HS.


Something like justicar would be crazy, upgraded bbs huh? vaath "+1 attack and + 3 health"
starhorn “draw a card” reva… oh wait… argeon + 4 attack… uhmmm 6/3 azurite lion. #balance


would be nice to have new generals for each class and with it a brand new playstyle as well


Hopefully some buffs for Reva.


IIRC the expansion is most likely coming before Christmas. Source is probably reliable.

On topic: I’m hoping for some things that make the lesser-used generals more… impactful. Considering the expansion deals with Bloodborn spells, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say o’l Starhorn, Zir’an, Kaleos, and Sajj could see some buffs. That much is just speculation though…


I just want a buff for every “unviable” archetype. So that everyone can stand a chance against Reva. But iMO, that’s stupid. Why should we “stand a chance” against a specific archetype, faction or general ? Nerf Songhai already.


I’d use Zir’an, more durable golems to use with Vanquisher. And they already are pretty durable.


Totally up for what @kingw . Cards that increase the power of actual less viable generals, and so a more balanced system and overall meta.

We also saw Abyssian Grandmaster, and CPG takes very seriously the “thematic cards” for each faction, so we might as well see another grandmaster :slight_smile:

Regarding factions, the only thing i can think of are more viable “rebirth”, “infiltrate” and “blast” minions :slight_smile:


Meta shiftes in all games, what’s strong now might not be in the future. I really hope Zir’An, Sajj and Starhorn get some love and power without having to nerf songhai

EDIT: like, if reva keeps getting “more of the same” cards, but Starhorn gets cards that help fight that archetype, then reva would be in a disadvange, just because she would pretty much be the same, while starhorn would be better.

I honestly hope for this to happen: not making stronger factions weaker by nerfs, but weak ones stronger by card addition and support


However, to battle against such a strong faction with efficient cards. You’re more likely required to make cards that are even more efficient in countering their efficient cards. I just hope they don’t go overboard and powercreep stuff. Cause that will just make the game more “snowball-ish” than it already is, faster meta and just plain nope.


What do I want to see

-Good 3 and 5 drops.Those are weakest slots for creatures

-Effort make a tier 1 Starhorn and Ziran deck possible focus on bbs makes you think that can happen

-Card draw that doesn’t cost 3 mana,Sun wisp should have been a nuetral.A couple 2 mana card draw would be cool

-Decks that play completely different than just curve best creatures Spellhai and Vaath Smash are examples.

  • Control decks,Control decks,Control decks…Hearthstone game length is to long but duelyst can be too short at times.If Duelyst can add 3 to 5 mins on to a games that would be good imo


I want to see everyone happy and excited by all the awesome cards that will be coming <3


A way to get some damn keys. I’m almost full on each type of crate @_@


There already is.