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Honest thoughts of the Game and Suggestions

Hello To be Honest i think the Entire game need a Revamp i mean Broken Cards got Created that Rather Pushing a Game to Finish it just give reasons to Instantly Surrender and i want to Reduce Games Ending with an Surrender,but for now here are my Suggestion for some issues that catch my Attention and i would be already happy if anything change even if its not like my suggestions because an expansion doesn’t deserve so many Nerfs at release.

I See People are not Happy with my Mechaz0r Suggestions because Mechaz0r dont have all key abilitys from his parts,thats why i make a new one.

My next Suggestion are Grandmaster Variax from Abyssian Faction.I Think she is not Viable anymore because we have already things thats put players faster in a Bad position before she ever hit the Field and it would be a waste of an Legendary Card Like her.

Grandmaster Variax: Reduce it cost to 7 and stats 4/10

Cassyva Soulreaper BBS:Deal 1 Damage to any minion and create a Shadowcreep on that space regardless of that the minion was destroyed.At the end of the Turn Summon 2 3/3 Fiend
on Random unoccupied friendly Shadow tile.

Lilithe Blightchaser BBS: Summon two 3/3 Wraithlings nearby your general Its no Longer Randomly you can choose where to summon them then your unbuffed Wraithlings are buffed to 3/3 to Furious Wraithling.Note Abyssian have more ways of Improving Wraithlings! Also this Change makes Wraithling Fury more viabel now to Summon a Large 5/5 Furious Wraithling and change it to stack on already existing Furious Wraithling target +4/+4.

Maehv Skinsolder BBS: Destroy a friendly minion. Summon 3 Husks nearby each other like Wraithling Swarm.

I think Because BBS can be used Infinitely is it neccesary to keep the Power Level of those Awesome BBS in Check while making Variax Playable again without overhelming the opponent
and forcing the Abyssian player to take care of Ressources in which skill is required.

Vanar: Frostburn increase damage to 4 Explanaition: The high cost of this spell 6 leads to less options in terms of follow up play thats why it don’t deserve 3 damage.

I want to talk with you guys also about Gate to the Undervault currently not that popular but its cards with ability like (Invulnerable) that are Extreme and Destroys the Game.I hope we can agree to live without that ability here my suggest to this problem.

Gate to the Undervault: Reduce cost to 3 and still build 3 Body: 1/4 Provoke, it cannot be target by your opponent spells but can be dispel now with minions.Deathwatch Summon a random Demon with 2/3 nearby.Note: Klaxon,Moonrider, Vorpal Reaver have non-opening Gambit that can be still trigger if not dispeled also maybee we may get more Demons in the Future.
Own Deathwatch:If this Minion Dies Summon Unfaithful General 2/25 on a Random Center Column space and It is Unaffected by everything Except Battle Damage and his Own abillity
The Turns Player Gain Control of this Minion if its a Abyssian Faction Player this Minion Gains 1 Attack Until the end of the Turn.

I have also done a Revamp on my latest Mythron Trial Suggestion here and the Rules are Different: Trial Minions are Special Non-Token Token Minions. what does that mean?
They do not Exist during the battle and only appear with an Airdrop when the Trial is Done so you will start with 39 in your Deck this is to remove the Restrictions Trial players have in Terms of Possibility because the Trial minions couldnt be Replaced back in the time when Situation got Danger.All Trial Minions are Summoned the time you would normally reach 9 mana Increasing mana with Mana Orb or Cards Dont work and only when the Trial are was achieved

Lyonar Trial Grand Strategos: Summon 15 Minion with 1 attack
During the End of your turn 2 random friendly minion transform it into a random minion of your Faction that cost 2 if a minion cost have 8 then it get increased by 1 as high as possible

Songhai Trial Hideatsu the Ebon Ox:Summon 10 minions from your action bar with Same Cost
each time you summon a minion deal 3 damage to any target.

Vetruvian Trial Notion of Starless Eternity:Equip 6 Artifacts
the Durability of all the Artifacts you Control Change to 2 also increase the amount of Artifacts you can Equip up to 6 now. During the end of your turn equip 1 Random Artifact with Different Name from your Faction then the ones you already Equipped with and everytime a Artifact you control get Destroyed Restore 1 Health of your General.

Abyssian Trial Underlord Xor’Xuul:Cast 8 Spells that Destroy a Friendly Minion.
Whenever a friendly minion dies Re-Summon it if was or is Summoned from your Action bar once nearby your general and each only Once that Game. Basically a One Time Reborn for Any Action Bar Minion.

Magmar Trial Hatefurnace: Dont! Cast Your Bloodborn Spell 9 Turns
The first Minion summoned from your action bar gains Rush and Frenzy Until the end of turn.The Enemys General dont take any Damage from that summoned monster the turn or his abilitys

Vanar Kindred Oak in the Nemeton:Summon 15 Token Minion Including 4 with Different Names
Increase all Friendly Token minions by +3/+3

Neutral Mythron Wanderer:1 copy of each card in your Deck and survive until turn 9
Every time a New minion got summoned either with Cards/Abillitys or From Action Bar Gains +5+5 can not be dispeled.

Okay Guys thats it i think it gonna make every Battle Unpredictable and gives All Air to Breath you can share it if you want and let me hear your serious thoughts and please no Flame i am not an Expert but im trying.

The one critism I would have about this post, is that you are seemingly randomly capitalising words mid sentence, it makes what you wrote very hard to follow regardless of the actual content.


Lilith - now a game ender on t2 with crypto, no need any synergy when you got a magmar size minions for 1 mana.

Mhaev - if you thought trail abyss is annoying now it kills you before even getting there with bbs only!

Oak - i had one request and that is that you play the card then speak, for real man, either play it for a while and get gud with it to really see the impact or leave it alone.
4 is too low, and quite broken - nothing more to say i creat 15 tokens by turn 5.

Congrats - you just made nemeton a card for ultra dummies.

Frostburn - well… what cryo aoe? On 6 it is a shimzar horn combo, and will get nerfed - leave it with 3.
Maybe add “your vespyrs get +1/+1”

Ebon ox - again a card for dummies.
You just pack your deck full of 1 drops, then play qurmlalalaaaaaa’a and start pusing big boys.

Gate - my man this just render the card super unplayable.
Rip gate.

I have one request play the factions before you suggest.
And please play the trails you want to change (ox and oak in particular) before making them stupidly stupid.
Because the way you wanv to make them they’ll eat a hard nerf that will render them useless.

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i said no Flame i understand that u want everything Gamebreaking Powerfull but i dont like that i want everything on the Same Power so that we can all play what we want to also ive mentioned They Can Only Be Summoned/Appear at Turn 9 so it doesnt matter if peopel Achieve the Trial earlier. it also gives the Freedom for everything to be played. Please read to the End if possible.

The Trials are there to kinda forcing player to play Specific type of cards so that they cant play Any cards and still get there.

My thoughts: This game is fine except few cards, what you did is just break the game even more. Even if it is abyssian main bias(it reeks from this post), i disagree with EVERY single change on this list. It feels like you are making random changes of 1 game you play with/against the deck.

Mechs are pretty good as they are, that mechazor change kinda kills the card for me, and the minions themselves always were decent budget minion options.

ALL those abyssian changes seem like you want abyss to be limited only to swarm. Have you heard these words:’'Abyssian is the Late game faction"? Yes, exactly, Abyss needs powerful late game wincons, what you did is kill abyss as a class.

And the trial changes are complete garbage, i dont even think you play this game and just come to complain, I have played every single trial except Ox and I know where their strenghts and weaknesses are.

Oh, and @snowshot , those bbs are the post-Variax ones

Well then i apologize regarding these changes (i’m not an abyss main) but had my fair share playing variax, which is fine and can go off at 6.

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I’m sorry but you’re more then wrong regarding nemeton.
As i said two posts before - i play control nemeton fixed on walls or vespyrs and reached s with then (also dw nemeton as well).

I know you never listen but nemeton is fine as it is (take it from a vanar expert).
Say you’re right -
Gwell - 4 tokens, vespyr walls -3 tokens, luminous -5 tokens.
Meaning - double gravity well into ramp + aspect then luminous is nemeton on turn 3! See what you did? You made this card fucking easy and super stupidly strong.

5 tokens on the same time is a precise decision which test skill.

You’re accusing me for wanting everything overpowered and you basically make this card who divide and create skill ceiling into briken trash.
Man if you’re no expert then take notes from expirienced players.

My note to you - “play the card”, then again i’ll do you one better add me and i’ll play against you with a nemeton deck that does not roll with specific cards.

A quick tip when you say the words i’m not an expert and then trying to correct or prove wrong to a number of people who are an actual experts you just go out as one just called it “spam”. hate it btw, and it is not the first or the fifth time people need to go hard on you.
Please consider your suggestion - everyrhing will never be on the same power level, you jist made a broken ox and a super broken for complete dummies nemeton, you made a wanderer.
I don’t want nemeton to be easy for you same for ox, i want these cards to be hard to pull off with a game ending reward.
Same for variax and gate these are wincons by defenition.

If i Play Magmar that would completely destroy you currently and my point is also i dont like games where you give your best and dont get at least the trial its kinda confusing i know but it doesnt matter very much what you do with your walls and cards ive just show a way As EXAMPLE how everyone can get his Trial at Turn 9 that way we gonna see Trial Fight Each other and because i am still trying to make the power level of trials Same that way the better player can win. its not impossible but that strong that it literaly give no choice to play other Deck that cant beat it but could if its not that early and making things higher Cost General destroys combos sometime and make unplayable Solve nothing.

The First One that Drop Trial Win and it doesnt matter what Trial the Opponent play due to the current Power Level of those minions thats why Mythron Wandere are good that mosty only aggro can stop and not to think of if you go Second with 1 more Mana.

i appreciate that you protect Nemeton and i like peopel that have other opinions but here is mine im not looking for a fiew wins what I calculate is the rate of victory if nemeton are that strong like you said then where it is in the Meta? Exactly easy to simply take countermeasures and no regular wins i mean what are your win rate 3 wins out of 10 battle if peopel even know what they are playing against because Nemeton are rarely played so almost no one are prepared for it.

so at the end i would rather see more Nemeton thats something i can do about instead of fighting an already completed trial but thats not even the problem it just got bad Made.

i’ll put it into points:

1 - magmar is one of my easiest match ups, given the fact that the way i play trail is to manipulate it into 1 turn, and until then just control and apply pressure.
so yea - i would very much like to check it, i don’t mind playing a few games against you and show you that you’re wrong.

2 - no win con should wait for 9 mana, plus vanar already got wake and reflection, why would i need nemeton at 9 mana?

3 - wanderer is broken and it is exceptional, trails are usually uniwue and hard to run and master well.

4 - rate my winrate then

a few wins you say? boy i wiped the floor with some of the most advanced players around running top meta decks (all with love)
you’ll not see nemeton is gold and silver and a few in diamond because this card is HARD to run well (took me two month to create a good deck) and you need to be skillful with vanar as for other factions.

5 - people can see your token count, just hover over the enemy general.

6 - i wouldn’t see more nemeton i don’t like braindead fucktards netdecking a deck that suppose to check your skill.

7 - read the words with me NEMETON IS GREAT, I NEED TO GET GUD

jesus man, play the fucking game, never had someone here that makes me go off like that.


Entering and seeing it’s another ramble thread by otro



hold the door, i’m coming with.



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Give me only thoughts, not toughts.


is probably not fair. While I agree that the quality of the post is close to zero and suggestions are idiotic not very thought out, it still didn’t violate any forum rules.


I couldn’t read everything because of your grammar, I’m sorry.

So I only noticed that you are unhappy with Mechaz0r but could you explain why exactly? After the rework it isn’t the high roll deck anymore it was.

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Because Mechaz0r see no plays like back in the days and you pretty much dont want play an Archtype that have a 20% winrate right? also i dont want to Offend anyone if you are satisfied with the Content right now then my Topic is nothing for you. i am also fine with a Duelyst without Mythrons it was much more Healthy and many cards was pertinent it was real counterplay and not Play All Aggro or Be the First to Resolve a Trial i play also other games and i care about them a bit.

Yes Grammar im not english so i write and speak bad english i can only hope you understand a little bit and my goals.

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I really don’t like reading posts for suggestions (but they are fun to read), especially since this is as long and disorganized as it is, along with the weird capitalization and atrocious grammar.

I mainly read the mech section because I got the gist of everything else from the replies above, and from what I can see from your mech suggestions, you want to make them even more unplayable than they already are by nerfing Mechaz0r to a terrible statline and abilities.

You also removed frenzy, which completely destroys the theme of Mechaz0r being combined from all 5 parts, so I guess this new one is missing a sword, and has a pea cannon instead of a real one? Celerity also seems really out of place, because its combined damage from celerity is 6…which is already the attack Mechaz0r has.

Your small buff to Chassis doesn’t make sense, because nightwatcher has the same statline and cost, but with a different ability (so you just power creeped it, making nightwatcher even less useful).

Cannon now dies to any ping.

Sword has to be positioned even more awkwardly than it already was because it dies to the enemy general.

And now, mechs face an even greater challenge with your new “buffs” (which you should have easily seen if you’ve even played mechs before), mechs are very prone to dumping their hand, in the hope that enough mechs are summoned that Mechaz0r will quickly come out and end the game. What you’ve done to these mechs is destroyed Mechaz0r entirely because it can no longer be placed into a corner, and must be close up, but without frenzy, close up Mechaz0r is useless. Now all mechs instantly die to the enemy general and pings, providing no tempo, and your hand is dumped too fast for no gain RIP vanar mechs you have the worst card draw but you were always my favorite because Echo Deliverant is the coolest mech.

TLDR: You wanted to buff mechs, but since you obviously haven’t played them before, you don’t know what buffs were needed to make them good, and instead killed them instead.

Sorry if this is a bit harsh, but mechs don’t need nor want this.

Also just read your post above, and it is very untrue that mechs have a 20% WR, although they are rarely seen (mainly because everyone plays wanderer shit). In diamond, I usually have a positive WR with mechs (and made it to rank 1 with a variation of Zirix0r in July) because they are a decent “trial” counter to wanderer.


you forget that you dont need 5 mech you need 4 instead to summon 1 mechazor and with celerity you dont have to summon mechaz0r close combat also the unique abillity that gives him 2 attack range allows him to attack a enemy without getting hurt, the game shouldnt end just by 1 mechaz0r its made to support and combo plays example using Songhai card Inner focus: Reactivate an exhausted friendly minion with 3 or less Attack. also with other bloodborn spell like Lyonar Argeon.

the Mech archtype not only are about Mechaz0r we have other Mech support that makes thing more spicy.The Parts are fine and shouldnt be summoned in front of enemy to be destroyed it should be only keep your opponent Busy its not different then now only that currently its to slow and mechaz0r comes to late also the importance of draw cards need to increase as well. Overall the entire game need to change to be enjoy able again but thats only my opinion and im happy that u are talking with me.

ah and something else Ranged are the Strongest Abillity mechaz0r have currently the other ability it dont even need peopel only using it as a Strong Ranged minion and Frenzy are optional but not realy used and you want tell me thats more Tactical and skillfull then my concept?
then i have to dissapoint you because i want something to play and enjoy and no Cards that Grant me a 90% win when i Pull off.

Whoops I guess I didn’t read where you wanted 4 mechs summoned to get mechaz0r :stuck_out_tongue: But the problem with that is purely a lore reason, where mechaz0r is supposed to be a combination of all 5 mech parts, and it has the keywords of the 5. Celerity is not a keyword one of the mechs have, so it seems like you just threw it in there to make it “OP” but in reality, adding celerity, but taking away frenzy and giving it pseudo-range, along with the 3/5 statline has actually hurt mechaz0r a lot more, considering the fact that you can use ASS instead of IF to reactivate mechaz0r.

My main problem with the changes is you tried to make mechaz0r easier to summon by reducing the costs of the mechs, along with their stats and you took away frenzy (and added a bunch of random abilities that don’t make sense with mechs). Frenzy was a mechaz0r’s greatest keyword, allowing so many different abilities and combos into the game, and you took it away without even an explanation for why. Lowered mech stats = weaker board, more hand dumping for the same effects, and mechs already have the problem of TOP DECKING A FEW TURNS INTO THE GAME WITH ALREADY EXISTING GOOD CARD DRAW

Rocket is useless, no need to give a single unit a new keyword thats just straight up worse than ranged. Airdrop on your new mechaz0r is also useless because you can’t place it far away from your mechs, are in a very good spot to activate frenzy.

Also, anyone that tells you the only way to play mechaz0r is speed rushing it, ignoring the board, and placing in a corner and hoping the opponent doesn’t remove it is a shit mech player and has no idea how to play the deck.

There are lots of ways to play a Mech deck, and the best one (imo) is playing a tempo mech deck that aims to develop a strong board and drop a mechaz0r at the right time either very close to the enemy line to punish their positioning, or far away to draw removal from your developed board, and wins by just out-tempoing (best done with lyonar or magmar).

Another strategy is playing a reactivation deck that summons mechaz0r, and immediately benefits off of him by cutting off 1/4 of the opponents max health, and removing everything on the board. This can be done with ASS/Xenkai/Bombard for Songhai, Sotw with Vanar, and Rebuke with Magmar

Without frenzy, these decks wouldn’t even be a thing (and no one plays them anyways even though they are pretty scary if its pulled off :cry:)

There are many more such as S.I.L.V.E.R combos, Unbirth decks, Mill mechs, and Omega decks.

What you’ve done is tried to buff mechaz0r (in all actuality you’ve nerfed him), but not mechs as a whole. You also did not address the aspect that mechs are prone to hand dumps, and reducing stats and costs make them even more hand dumpy. You didn’t address that the new Mechaz0r is far easier to remove, being unable to be placed in the corner to threaten the enemy, and having a much lower atk/hp statline which means more people are willing to go face and destroy your only chance of winning.

I really liked this argument (and am happy you brought up mechs in discussions because not many people do) because it has made me think more about mechs and their strengths and weaknesses. My only wish is that you tried to play with mech decks outside of mechaz0r (and actually play mechaz0r decks) so you can see that your changes are not as good as they could be.

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Are mechs 90% WR or 20% WR? You should make up your mind with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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