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Honest feedback of a new player


Okay, so I came across Duelyst 3 days ago randomly on Steam when I was going to download Yu-gi-oh Duel Links and decided to check it out. 3 days later, I already have more than 20 hours on the game. I just love the game, I played Hearthstone for 3 years and this game makes me never want to come back to it. Now that being said, when I look at the current state of the game, with very few players, last patch 4 months ago with no updates other than promotions, mobile app never coming out (they have been promising this for 2 years and nothing until now? not even a beta?), developers quiting the game gradually, I suddenly don’t wanna play anymore.

It makes me really sad to see Duelyst as a dying game because I know this game has so much potential to be way bigger than it is but sadly it looks like Bandai doesn’t give a single one about it. The current state of Duelyst reminds me of another card game that I played years ago called Eredan iTCG. It’s a browser card game that has a very different idea just like Duelyst, and it was one of the best games I ever played, if it wasn’t for the fact that the game was literally impossible to play as a free-to-play player. You hit a state of the game really early where you are obligated to play against people with better cards, and you can’t get those cards for free because they’re too expensive to buy with the money you get playing (Just to give you an idea, those cards cost like thousands of crystals and you got 40 if you win and 20 if you lose, yea). The game still exists, but there’s only like 100 people playing it, even tho the game has 2 million accounts created. There’s no content being added, just the people who expended so much on the game that can’t bring themselfs to quit it are playing it today.

Not trying to be a doomsayer here but it looks to me that Duelyst is going to end that way in a year or two at most. I wanted to recommend this game to my friends so I could play with them but who would want to play and invest time and money in a dying game other than a card game affictionate like myself? I actually managed to make to rank 11, 1 star off of rank 10 with almost entirely basic and common cards, but already got most of the beginner rewards, completed all of the solo challenges, and even defeated the boss, and after doing all that I still don’t have a decent size collection to explore and build different decks and it feels like i’m running out of stuff to do other than the daily quests. This game has 5 expansions and there’s no separation of formats. You just expect new players to compete with people that have been playing for 2 years? I understand there’s somethings that cost money and that’s fair, like a mobile app (even though its been 2 years) or marketing, but separating formats and giving new players a good set of cards to start with are easily doable. Rather than focusing on advertising the game to new players, what about making sure the few ones that get into it stay with it?

Anyway, that’s what I think about the current state of the game right now. Sorry for making it this long.


WHAT! Tell me how!


I didn’t really want to comment on this just because I try to keep a low profile nowadays, but I wanted to address your argument for a multi format Duelyst.

It’s not that players don’t want it, in fact there are so many threads asking for an unranked format by new and veteran players alike and such a format has been implemented multiple times in the past. The main reason why it was discontinued is because as you said, the player base is too small to support more than two formats, ranked and gauntlet.

When unranked was implemented during the Trails of Mythron (ToM) expansion, it’s popularity was so great that ladder had a much longer queue time than usual making that much harder to support a competitive scene. Therefore it was discontinued.


I used a legendary Magmar card that I happen to got on a orb that is 3 mana 1/3 everytime the opponent draws a card it gets +2/+2, and there’s also an epic that is 5 mana 4/6 with a similar effect for magmar. The rest of the deck were Magmar spells that buff and destroy minions, 1 and 2 mana minions and dispel to the spelljammers. You could also try a Songhai deck with the same strategy but buffing the 2 mana 1/2 that everytime you play a spell it gets +1/+1


When i started playing i’ve been searching for my interest abd decided i wanted to play mainly vanar.
So i dusted everything except vanar and neutrals.
Find your interest and act accordingly.


Wait, there’s people who actually do those solo challenges? I’ve been playing for a while and probably haven’t even looked at half of those. The rewards for them are just so ridiculously meager.

But yeah, there’s a bit of a grind before you can craft and try out other decks (That’s how they make money after all). There’s three routes you can go from here:

  1. Gauntlet. Everyone’s got random cards, so its a relatively even playing field and a good way to grind.
  2. Try to grind your way up to the highest rank possible using a generic budget decks (there are quite a few on these forums). There’s a few cheap ones that can take you all the way to S-rank.
  3. Pick a specific deck/faction that you really want and craft it by dusting most of your other cards. Risky, but if it works, it can be pretty satisfying for a long time.

You’ll have to set your own goals.


idk if you’ve heard of this, but several people take a single month to move from silver to S-rank (rank 0).

I have to note to you that i only crafted 3 copies of a common card in the latest expansion at the time(and realized i only needed to used 2)
yes, those are all commons and basics save for 3 cards

So yes, we do expect you to compete with long time players xD Think Street Fighter or Tekken. Skill floor for piloting in this game is high, but learning it opens you to a new world.


Actually I recommend not following this advice. At most you may decide which faction you’ll NEVER play and dust it, though it’s better not to dust anything but completely unplayable cards.

You may want to switch to another faction when you get bored. I didn’t think that I’ll ever play Magmar like 3 months ago and now I’m enjoying Smash Vaath and various Furnace builds.

That said, I play for, I dunno, 4 years? And I still don’t own completely full collection even for my main factions. And I’m not f2p.

EDIT. That said, I find numerous posts with the same topic the reason of this game dying.


The way I look at things, I never had hundreds of friends playing Magic at my local game shop, and it didn’t seem weird back then. I played years of weekly card nights with exactly the same 4 other people.

As long as the servers run and there are a couple of nice players in my timezone, I’ll know I won’t have wasted my time or money.


I agree.
Duelyst, as nearly every other collectible game, is not beginner friendly.
Never has been. Sometimes I wonder why it even still exists at this points.

To be fair it was not only the developers and publisher, though matters seemed to get worse once Bandai took over.
The players protested pretty loudly, when they gave free stuff to newbies. They were blind for the inherent problem of any CCG, it needs a steady influx of new players or it will decline.

And now we have reached this point, the longest time between expansions since the game started.

But this does not make any of the other posts untrue. In fact it is really cheap to build a powerful deck in duelyst and can be done easily on a new account without spending money.

The expensive thing is trying out stuff for yourself and experimenting with new decks. There you can spend hundreds of dollars without any success at all. But this is also a big part of the fun in these games.


Not bothered to read every reply so sorry if this was already answered: We had a mobile beta but due to some yet to be published issues they dellayed the final release, it has most likely been cancelled right now.


I believe it was Ios, but never Android.


Exactly, bepoest.

Another point I find very curious is “not willing to invest money and time in a dying game” which at the same time “end that way in a year or two at most.”

I don’t know, investing my free time or something like $20 in a game which still goes for a year or two seems a good idea if I enjoy it. How much money do I pay for other games which are finished after 10-20h?

@OP I hope you don’t forget getting your Twitch drops. It is so easy nowadays to get a good collection, Twitch drops and boss battles with free crates, Gauntlet etc make it a very enjoyable progression. Duelyst is and was always a question of skill, less of decks’ spirit costs.


I said he needs to act accordingly to his wants.

This just came to show that you can get a reasonable way with a little sacrifice.
I did what i did and i still after 3 years would do the same, i love this snowy place


We definitely have different experience and opinions on the topic. I felt necessary to mention another side of disenchanting everything you don’t plan to play.

That said, I don’t think mine is the only way to do it.


I never could bring myself to disenchant other factions but funny enough I almost only played Magmar and should have disenchanted some stuff to help myself in the beginning but who cares now that I have all of it :stuck_out_tongue:


These days (i play only midrangy songhai and vanar) i have a system, 3 factions for one faction.
I disenchant abyss, magmar, lyonar.
Not touching vet and vanar neutral.
Creating songhai.

Otherwise it is too much.


Yes there are so many ways to do disenchanting. I dusted anything but Abyssian and immensely enjoyed the game that way for almost two years. Now I’ve played most of what I wanted from the faction (until new cards come in), and have started to build my collection beyond that. Duelyst is so generous that commons and rares are very fast to get, and you can build lots of fun deck by just adding some epics on top of a budget build.


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