Holy crap the new lore is incredible (spoilers if you haven't read it)


The lore I’ve read so far (Argeon and Zirix) is GREAT! They really outdid themselves characterising these two characters. Argeons tragedy was actually sad, he had his family killed for the good of his nation, and Zirix I feel is incredibly compelling in his motivation, not hating his father for what he did (even though he’d be justified), because he remember the happy times they shared when he was younger. What do you guys think of it?


It seems to me that Zirix became an atheist because of a manneirism of speech.


That’s what I was thinking as well, maybe that’s why he created Sajj (I haven’t read her lore yet so it may be stated already)


Yhe it would be impact full because that was the last thing he heard before going unconsis but he sure made that turn quick


I don’t think he’s strictly atheist, he believes in God becasue he hates them and wants to separate his people from them while an ahesiest straight up doesn’t believe in god’s existence.


The last part of his lore helps that, he won’t hate his family, but the gods however. Probably meaning he’s got a grudge against Eyos.


Ofc, but you catch my drift

Also, the more succesfull he is, more he proves that his father was right in trusting the gods.
Lest he became a criple or a half-wit, his very own existence would prove Daddy was a dummy to trust the gods.


That’s called being a Maltheist fyi.


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