Hollow grovekeeper needs to be talked about


This card doesn’t really seem like it could be used besides messing with lyonar. I tried to use it in my aggro magmar deck to eat provoke stuff, but it just doesn’t work. Can we discuss this?


Working as intended.

It’s a tech card and it’s usability is dependent on the meta. People nowadays don’t run lots of provoke minions and as such hollow isn’t really needed. Meta is however prone to change and there will be time where provoke minions are common and then hollow will perform better. It’s simple as that. Card’s fine.


So do you think I should just keep it out of my deck? Or should i just dust it?


If you face lots of Lyonars, keep it. If you don’t and you really need spirit, DE it. Otherwise just keep it but don’t play it because there will surely come a time when the card’s good again.


Geez you type fast, man! Okay, thanks.


xD Wait what? Grovekeeper also makes a mess of Warbeasts, and hard counters Diretide Frenzy. Just try a couple of copies in any deck wherein you have a gaping weakness to Lyonar or Magmar specifically. Like Raqyee said- working as intended. If it’s too narrow in the decks where you need that sortof effect, go with Sunset Paragon or Lightbender.

TBH though, Grovekeeper is one of the best tech choices in the game. Merc something that is giving you trouble, and generate value. Easy 2f1 or better (the Dancing Blades principal)


It is also worth noting that it destroys Mechazor, but you usually will not be able to reach him the same turn that he is thrown down unless you have overwhelming spread out board prescence.


Eh, you should. The second you see Mech units drop down, hold the center of the board. You can reach every single tile from there.


Yeah you should always try to, but if they choose a corner and body block your most direct path to reach Mechazor you will not be able to reach him without chaining minions. This is much easier to do with Eph Shroud as it only costs 2 mana opposed to Hollows 5 or 6 cost


I hate cards like him. Too binary. I DE’d mine


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