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Holiday Fan Art Contest


I’m assuming holiday themed means Christmas. I did a Halloween cass sketch for now tho, so let me know if it works before I continue :stuck_out_tongue: I can do double entries as well hehe


Just needs to be holiday themed, does not need to be Xmas related (so Halloween works!) :grin:


Welp, here we go. Santa Faie!

Updated 05/12, so far.

And 07/12, which wraps it up. This is a bit rushed, since I misread the date…


So…what counts as a Holiday?


I think it’s easier to define what isn’t a holiday rather than what is a holiday :thonk:

A day of celebration for a specific event witnessed by a group of individuals en mass?

Should be something easily recognizable to anyone though.

For example, today is National Cookie Day in United States of America :cookie: (Dec 4th, 2017). I wouldn’t necessarily call this a holiday since not everyone knows about it, nor is it widely celebrated.

However, if you want to do a Halloween themed art piece, vs a Day of the Dead, well both would be considered a Holiday (people know about both, or have heard of them, and do celebrate them in a festive manner).

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ a bit open to enterpretation I suppose.


That means it’s perfectly viable to draw Cass with rabbit ears!


Sweet, now I can do what I was thinking of. Thanks man!


my excuse to post more of my dog doge kaleos on the most explosive holiday I know





Should’ve made the clock time maelstrom


Well jeez, we can’t all be as gifted as you @mmf in everything. Some of us are just lowly peasants futily aspiring to the greatness and memery that is chicken mmf.

Oh Lord in Heaven, if only for a day, please hear my pleas and bestow onto me, if even a fraction, of chicken mmf’s glory!

Self deprecating rant over.

Also, jk.


Well. At least it’s better than the tongue flick guy


I made a gif for Jax Truesight in the dancing holiday spirit.



(sniffles) it’s beautiful…(weeps)…too beautiful for this world!


funny meme

(I’ll get to it soon)


Valentine’s Day


Is that school girl lilithe!? Gimme


This is my entry for the contest!

I really like elkowl and now that christmas is approaching it get’s ready by decorating itself in case someone wants to put it into their living room. /s

I hope you guys like it :eyes:


Imma send this to ghostihosti