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Holiday Fan Art Contest


Welcome Duelyst fans (and artists) to a special edition of the Fan Art Contest!

Since we’re nearing the winter holiday season, we’re making this one Holiday Themed!

Submission Rules

  • To participate, you must submit an original piece of Duelyst Art (made by you), be it a General, Minion, or even an Artifact or Spell!
  • Make it holiday themed.
  • The art piece must have a visible signature.
  • The art piece must have a name included in the post.
  • Art must be submitted in this forum thread to participate in the contest.

Contest Rules and Duration

  • Contest Submission phase will last two weeks.
    Starting from 11/27/2017 3:00 PM PST until 12/08/2017 3:00 PM PST.
    After this time, the forum thread will lock and we will no longer be taking submissions.

  • Note: Unlike previous Fanart contests, we will not be holding a Public Voting period.
    Instead, Duelyst staff will review the submissions and select our contest winners.

  • Winners will be announced during the following week (between 12/20/2017 and 12/24/2017)


Since we are not doing any type of public voting, prizes will be broken down into the following:

  • Contest Winners - Rare Crate Key + 3 Core Spirit Orbs
  • All other eligible* entries - 1 Core Spirit Orb

* - Please do not submit MSpaint or Stick Figure art for this contest, those will have their own contest in the future. Anything short on quality will not be eligible for the Spirit Orb reward.

Additional Information

  • Feel free to make updates to your art piece as long as the contest is going.
  • You may submit multiple pieces of art, but only one submission is eligible to win.
  • All artists may be contacted to share their art for our #FanArt posts.
  • (Optional) - If you have an art portfolio you’d like to share (deviantart, artstation, youtube, etc) please include those with your post (we’d love to see more of your work!)

We’re super excited to see what new art you guys come up with!



@ that spoiler

You’re on to me


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry my dude, we’ll def have a contest for this type of memery later though!


I might actually still make something though, I’m not that bad at drawing… I think


Here, take this Xmas Mystic skin.:christmas_tree::gift:

edited : adding shadow.


I feel targeted with this MSPaint ban.


I mean, there is a loophole (so to speak)

Anything short on quality will not be eligible for the Spirit Orb reward.

If you’ve got mastercraft MSPaint skills, throw them up here.
We’ve had some really nice MSPaint stuff before!

And some other questionable wireframe-y ones…


Spectral Revenent (out of shape) xD
edit: Halloween???


is this my calling to make lewdfaie xmas costumes PogChamp


yes, it is

you must

for @thefirstgokun 's sake


A cosy snoozy Bur napping before present giving time.
There will be a bunch of edits.
edit 1 : It’s been hard to find time to work on it.
edit 2 : it’s snowing now :slight_smile:
I’m adding a link to stuff I do for those interested.


Looks like a cookie (or something you’d find on a sweater)


I have an idea of making All Grandmasters into Santa in some way(Embla will be Snow white that summons 8 dwarfs (walls))


Embla in red, santa embla


Starhorn is Santa (his bbs give both players a card draw, draw=present).


I thought Thraex would be Santa.


The beginning of a Magmar Christmas project, starting with Santahorn! I also plan on adding “Elf” Helper Ragnora, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Ripper + the other 12 or so Rippers, and than somehow adding in Vaath in their (and maybe Grandmaster Kraigon and Valknu since they are both part of the 13 Aspects as well)

EDIT: Here is the final version of the picture. Sadly, I did not have enough space to put in the other 3 aspects, but I’m happy with how it turned out~

Older versions/Updates


Vaath will be Grinch, cuz je angry all the time


“Abomination Before Christmas,” ink, color pencil.

featuring the beautifully sinuous angel resulting from an Abhorrent Unbirth and his greatest weakness: putting up holiday decorations.

I may touch it up in photo-shop a bit; more likely if I decide to change the background from white.

here’s a link to the fan-art section of my outdated art portfolio: https://livingstongeritzart.wordpress.com/2015/12/17/fan-art/