Hiya, coming from reddit. Played since official launch


The RNGesus gave me cards to make midrange Vaath and temp Argeon decks so that’s what I mainly play. Big fan of Gauntlet!

My favorite thing about Duelyst is the frequent balance patches.


Yeah, I do like how attentive the developers are. With a game as complex as Duelyst it’s surprising how balanced it is (at least compared to other games).


Played since official launch? That’s quite a while, I think. What was the game like when you started?


Ive also been here from day one umm bottom line is keeper of the vale lyonar ruled over everything back when it was cheaper and you could just keep bringing back ironcliffes over and over. Then you had twilight sorc which was also cheaper giving you back your sunblooms, holy imos, martydoms (costed 2 at the time) and you also had emerald rejuv which only healed you at that time for 4. Arclyte regalia used to block ALL damage not just the first 2 each turn and tempest did 3 damage across the board to everything. i believe these were some of the first big nerfs along with the 2 cards per turn it was op as hell. Boy good old days. Lmao.


Honestly, it wasn’t that much different. No seismic changes, other than balance on some cards, but that’s happening all the time.


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