Hit me with you budget memes


if i had the dust, i would craft theobule just for WOP to do some extra Wooppin’


1/5th of the general’s health is a lot, with the general aggression this has, Frostfire, BBS and the newly added Snow Piercer you should have no trouble dealing the other 4/5ths.


For the future generations who will read this thread. This qualifies as meme, and is relatively cheap.


Wait, what
Is this the Ion OTK deck
Where’s the Ion OTK deck


Yep. The goal is to get an Abjudicator on at least two combo pieces. If you can pull off the combo at 7 mana there’s a good chance you win. It’s not the best deck ever but it’s a lot of fun.


It’s like Baconator, but worse, which means it’s better.

Also you get to say ‘Fire the Ion Cannon!’ which is a big plus.


I thought a list like this would run Sol.
Also, will Crimson Coil reactivate Ghoulie?


Sol is good at adding consistency to the combo, but I didn’t like being unable to ramp it. I ended up taking it out for Aethermaster to try and mitigate it’s loss and also to disguise the deck a little. I think Sol might work for others, but it felt out of place in the songhai version for me.

Yeah Ghoulie is the secondary wincon. Sometimes you can just go in with it and it’s nice to be able to contest board a little.

I used to run a single copy of Jux too to try and help position the Ion, but this is what I’m working with right now


Now that you’ve mentioned Ion, anyone know what happened to the guy who was trying to do ion otks with every faction?


I believe that was his only post on the forums, so I dunno.


i tested this in ranked + practice and realized that minions aren’t exhausted when played from the action bar (except maybe moose?)
hence i can’t cryonic ion then sol for the 16dmg offhand

wait a minute… from the wiki it says:
“Minions summoned from the Action Bar are exhausted when they come into play.”
is it a bug then that i can’t cryonic a newly played ion from the bar? @boronian?

edit 2:
i think i got it… pets don’t have the “Minion” tag, they’re tagged as “Battle Pet” so they’re invalid cryonic targets!


Weird. Tribal minions are still minions, it should work.


maybe it has to do with how they move automatically and how the battlepets are coded.

lmao tho. memes so dank, the bugs dont show until several months later


I think this is the most likely reason.


i miss the times when we could ping noa when we’re stumped by memeteractions. would @stormshade do the honors of settling if this is an intended interaction?


That’s a fascinating thing you found there! Needs to be some more testing and then to be put on the wiki for sure.


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