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Hello, I just wanted to know a few details on the new “Processing” system. I got a win that had the infamous “Sorry, we hit a snag” message shown right after. Since then, there is a “Processing” message in my match history. This message has been there for 3 days now, and I would like to know how much time the server needs to process the victory.
Furthermore, if the victory is finally counted (which now seems unlikely), how does it work? My win was the first of a 5 win streak, so do I get a chevron + a bonus chevron (since it delayed my win streak bonus by one win as it did not count towards it) ? Do I just get one chevron for a normal win? (which would totally not take into account my win streak?) Or will it forever stay on “Processing” until the end of times, effectively acting as if my match never happened? (which is better than an automatic loss, but still annoying as it nullifies a victory).
I have already sent an in-game report, and I’m now posting a message here, hoping to get a clarification on that issue. Thanks in advance for your answer.

EDIT : Just got an e-mail from CPG, looks like there is unfortunately nothing that can be done about my issue. Better luck next time I guess.

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