High rank without paying?


Can I reach high ranks in Duelysts without paying reallife money? And if yes, how? (I’m new)
Is Duelysts less Pay2Win then Hearthstone?
Thank you!


no. you can get a good couple factions filled out in a month or two without trying too hard.


It is much easier to do well in Duelyst than in Hearthstone. The undisputed best deck at the moment (Kara) can be very, very cheap to make and only really requires three legendaries - 3x Spelljammer. Legendaries also cost less to craft and are opened more often in this game.

It must be said however that most decks require more legendaries than those in hearthstone, because legendaries are not limited to a one-of.

Check out the Duelyst subreddit for some new player guides: https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/wiki/newplayerguides


Hello! I also just started playing Duelyst competitively this month and you will definitely need to shell out around $30 to get in and really move up the ladder (currently rank 6 with that much spent). While Duelyst is less “pay 2 win” than Hearthstone, keep in mind Hearthstone has had multiple expansions released, while Duelyst just launched their 1st one.

It is much easier to “get in early” on this type of game to avoid spending a lot. As more cards are added, more money will be needed to get the most “competitive” decks out there. Someone already said it, but Vanar is pretty easy to build with $30 spent. Outside of that, maybe Abyssian, but chances are you won’t be able to build many more than that :wink:

Good luck!


I got Rank 3 without spending a single dime in the game, in three months of play. Could probably hit S Rank but I’m busier playing other games.

You can definitely play Duelyst and reach high ranks without every spending anything on it. CP made the game very friendly towards free players.


Pretty good! Can you share your decklist? Could definitely help me!


Sure I could. But with the coming of Denizems they may be obsolete.

I got Gold during my first three months until I hit Diamond this season.

Something similar to this gave me my first gold. The second and third was using Shadow old Nova (with one Revenant and one Reaper of the Nine Moons).

This season I managed to improve my Cass and also played a lot of Kara. What I learned on my struggle to move down from Gold (I couldn’t get out of Rank 8 no matter what), was positioning. I learned to better position myself and it was a breeze to move down to Diamond.


Learning how to play well is the most important thing. You can hit S Rank with a fresh account (a couple of top players have done it within a day). Less ambitiously, play well and try to hit Gold each season so that you can get the legendary each month (Diamond is also not too much of a stretch if you are familiar with card games and learn quickly).