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Hidden Gem, Want more to play it, Suggestions on how?


I love Duelyst as a game and I want to see more people enjoy this game! To have Duelyst become a title which would be well known! to see this hidden gem be shining. So: Community of Duelyst, how do we make this game more known to the Public?

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We would need to devs to get back to developing it instead of godfall, which isnt going to happen for a looong time.

Maybe if there was an official mobile app and more advertisement, but the people who can do that really effectively are bandai namco



The gem shined, more beautiful than it ever was, and people actually liked it. But mistakes after mistakes the developers gradually lose people’s trust, people starting to walk away, and the gem is now taking its final gasps and will eventually vanish from people’s mind. It is a game’s life cycle, Duelyst had a good run.

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tell ur friends



The game is so broken, no wonder most people dont want to play it.

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since there are currently no people working at Duelyst as Counterplay Games is dedicating to their new upcoming title, all that can be done is basically up to the community.
What you could do is spread the word among your friends and maybe share some videos.
If you really want to commit, creating contents yourself is also a good way to contribute.
As @duzt suggested there’s also an upcoming tournament and that would be a good incentive for players to get involved (even for new players, once they get acquainted with the game mechanics).

Here are a few links of videos I would recommend to share:

Enjoy and welcome to the community :slight_smile: !



The main thing ill recomend is to create something that make the people playing together instead of pure 1v1, or/and more different mode. Obiously , this can’t work without more communication to public. And the last advice is too make twitcher/youtuber… play this game. Make visibility, make people enjoy the game, make people don’t be bored by the game! (not only a problem on new player, but a problem of players that leave the game) :wink:

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Actually competent developers. CP:
-doesn"t realy interact with the community
-almost every meta had serious BS in it(T0 metas are a mess)
-balance patches were waaaaay too rare.
-duelyst is at the moment not developed on anymore

Worst is by far point 1. For example:we memed for many months about Q4 content because the devs promised it once and they never said anything about that again until eventually Q4 ended without any new content



Just for the record they never promised anything: the devs unofficially said that they would have tried to get new contents out for last year’s Q4 (which didn’t happen and we were all disappointed and sad about it).



I agree on everything else bar this. When the game was CPG main project we had a balance patch every two months on average wich was good enough. The problem is now that we have no patch in ages (even thou this is probably the best meta ever)



And other games don’t have that?



They did that in the past. It is not that easy, your game needs to snowball to gain traction. Didn’t happen for Duelyst for one or the other reason.


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