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Hi there, new player here


Well hi I’m Sreg, recently joined the game and it feels amazing compared to the other ccg’s I have played and right now i’m trying to grind up to gold before the month end’s.
I would really appreciate any tips for vanar (is the class I liked the most and right now I’m playing really cheap aggro vanar) and any help about how to expand my collection.
That’s about it and sorry for my horrible english.


Welcome to the game/forum.
It will be much easier if you give us your decklist. You could use manaspring.ru or just write everything in your deck


Welcome. If you need help with decks these sites should help


Thanks for the answers the linl helped me a lot and I will upload my deck later today 'cause i’m not at home rie now.
By the way I just find out about humble bundle promo is there any way to get the code now?


Welcome buddy!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

If i were to give a tip: focus on one faction’s collection, but try out others to see what they can do too.

Do the daily and solo challenges, they help you find new cards, mechanics and some basics on the game overall.


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