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Hi People o.o New Player here


Thank you :smiley: I’m pretty introverted in general, but I’ll definitely post if I have questions!


Oh believe me, he plays some WILD decks.


Hi there! Welcome to the forums :smiley:
listen to @miguelosz he knows what he’s talking about. uwu


looks for alternatives
finds the next dying game
Haha, anyways nice to meet you


Welcome here @stephdawnheart!

Duelyst is an amazing game and our community is a very friendly and helping one :slight_smile:

I recommend reading these guides to have a nice start: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/New_Player_Guides


I’m late to the party but welcome anyways :slight_smile:


howdy parthner glad to meet another greenhorn


Saw you playing some Healonar vs Muramasa, you put up a good fight. Sorry for you getting bullied by the deck I gave him :sweat:


Haha it’s fine, losing is part of learning!


I played you on ladder : D It was great seeing you. I advertised your YT channel, so if you get 2 more views than average know one of my viewers came to stop by :eyes:


Welcome! This Duelyst forum needs some fresh people.


How cute is that :smiley:


Ah thank you! Do you have a youtube I could support? o:


Watched a couple of your YouTube videos. Nice new player decks, very cute voice and, more importantly, pretty good board analysis, especially for a beginner.

Had a pleasure.


Vanar deck video plox