Hi new player finally decided to come to forums


Im a relatively new player (About a month) and finally made it to diamond! Not very good at intros just wanted to say ho i guess :confused:





Made it to diamond first season? Wow, some really talented people are getting into the game!

Welcome! Hope you have a nice time, and feel free to ask anything :smiley:



Thanks! I think its because i got 2 spelljammers as my legends


Ho !
Well, I made it to… Huh… Gold in … 3 seasons !


question. What are the rewards for diamond


A rare + An Epic + A Legendary plus a bit of gold and spirit.


Congratulations on diamond :>


Welcome, and just to let you know that you can download the Duelyst game launcher, so you don’t have to wait a thousand years each time you open a tab for the Duelyst browser launcher.


Hello, Welcome and congraqts on reaching diamond!


hej just started playing this month too… i also got to diamond… really like this game



I made it to Diamond my first month too, but then didn’t really play (had a lot going on) for months and months, and now this month I’m finally back :slight_smile:


ey diamond first season ever club member here, all the legendaries i got are complete garbage tho :smiley: so it’s just basic card deck.

and also welcome to the game. but that sounds weird since we starts around the same XD i’m 3 weeks in tho.