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Hi, new in the forum and newbie here


First of all i dont talk/write english good, so sorry for my grammar. A friend told me that this forum
is nice and you can ask something and debat with all. So hi everyone :smiley:


Right now im in gold division and i’m trying to improve my magmar’s deck. I saw in a tournament one hour ago(more or less) a Vaath deck and i like it. Could you help me to find the deck or at least the base of the deck? Thank so much


Hiya, and welcome! Don’t worry about the grammar thing, we get people from all over and everybody gets by just fine.

As for decks, there are some basic things you can do to improve -

  • Try to be consistent in your cards; usually, having 1 of something is bad unless it’s a very specific card you want to close out a game and isn’t that great in other scenarios, and even then I’d recommend 2 most times.

  • Keep your curve under control. Unless you know what you’re doing, the usual advice is to have 9 minions you can play on turn 1, as player 1. The math works out so that you have a very high chance of playing something turn 1 every game.

  • Make sure you have some sort of draw! It’s very important and sometimes overlooked. Running out of gas sucks.

As for lists, deathsadvocate has quite a few over here: My budget lists and thoughts for new players

I hope this helps, and enjoy your stay :?)


Welcome to the forums and the game! hope you enjoy your stay! :smile:

There are subsections in the forums for each faction, so you may use it to check decklists.

Other than that, maelrawn gave you some nice tips, but i would add to focus on a faction and get familiar with it, but dont underestimate the others and check what they can do.
And do the solo and daily challenges: they show you lots of cards and mechanics in a very interesting way and reward you for learning!

There are plenty of guides and content here and in reddit for you to use :wink:

Feel free to ask whatever you want! Go magmar!! :smiley:


Welcome Raulr! Hope you enjoy your stay around here :smiley: Everyone is really chill.


Hey, this is a cool place to stay and talk, all here is really friendly and you can really ask for anything.
There are some contest, and some other cool discussions, then welcome!;D

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