Hi, its Godoftheforce, and Bye


Normally, I would have done this introduction much earlier, but I didnt get around to it.
You may see me stuck in midsilver a lot, and thats because I dont have the willpower to get past it…
I do love me some memey and experimental decks though.

Unfortunately, I will be starting the hardest school year out of the 12 years, 11th grade. This means that I will likely not be playing duelyst unless its a calm Friday night and my robotics club doesn’t screw me over with work…

So if you see me playing on any other day, please tell me to go back to work. Thanks!


I agree, just started grade 11. So I won’t be on too much either, 1-3 games an evening when I can afford it and a ton on weekends. Good luck GotF and may the memes be with you.


Do you live in the united states? If so, which state?


Nope, Toronto, Canada.
So hot up here :frowning:
Cant wait for Autumn


Its disgustingly humid here in NYC’s suburbs after the tropical storm passed…
I would like for it to be colder, but if it snows in NYC, my 3 hour roundtrip commute to school and back just dies


3 hours? Jeeez, mines about 2 hours total


That’s cute. You think 11th grade is the hardest grade. Update this post in seven years when you’re working on thesis papers for a post grad degree.

Best of luck in your studies.

also I’m old.


i mentioned that its the hardest out of the 12 public school grades.
college is a different beast


I think he meant in the numbered grades, post-secondary is a challenge in and of itself


no i know he put the limiter on the statement. still cute. it’s not to be demeaning in anyway.


RIP, schedules came out,
My first period class is on the tenth floor


10th floor? lmao
I got 1st period lunch 1st Sem, and 5th period lunch 2nd Sem Q_Q


Can’t tell if your studies or reaching your class is harder :sweat_smile:
Good luck, have fun with studies.


what country did you go to school in?


Good luck with your studies. I’ll make a point of spamming you if I see you ingame <3


Wait till you hit 12th dude, gotta run all over the place with Senior Project, good luck with school though.


Hahaha. I feel your pain dude. I’m in France and our equivalent of tenth grade is madness, I already have about 20-25 books to read and review…


In nyc at least, senior year doesn’t really matter, you only have to keep your grades up for college.