HI, I'm Wyrthrom/Aspiring To Leave The Casual Try-hard Ranks


Just got introduced to Duelyst through a certain streamer and really hit home with a love for old school tactical games. Also fueled by my hatred for not having mana or having too much in a game I made a serious switch to Duelyst. I really hope to get an S-rank and on that day I might cry…but man tears…right now I am climbing through am at rank 13 as a casual try-hard. Great to be here thanks all for the love in advance.


Hiya wyrthrom, welcome to the forums :?)

What game did you come from? Magic sounds like it fits the description, that was largely my experience with it.

What have you been playing to get to 13? I might imagine it includes Lure :v


I came from Magic the Gathering. You guessed right :stuck_out_tongue: ! I have played many card games in the passed but to me having to include something that creates a random chance that is essential to playing the game is like making someone choose from 3 boxes of Monopoly and saying: “Choose one but one of them doesn’t have dice and you won’t be able to play the game.”

I have an Abyssian deck that I broke apart everything to get and I am quite proud of which I will post for some feedback later :smiley:. I do love me some lure but I don’t really have a favorite card yet BUT SOON!


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