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Hi, I'm Mokuto and I am TERRIBLE at this


Hello, as the title implies, I am mokutobunshi and I am terrible at this game. I am currently silver 15 used to be like silver 16-17 till I made a spellhgia deck and I STILL make crazy mistakes (Hit first then expect to be able to move, forget what my own buffing order is [inner focus>killing edge not backwards] etc) and am not really knowledgeable about the other factions over all. (All I know is if I fight a general how best to avoid that blood borne [fey: never make columns, 2nd Magmar guy: always use cards fast] etc). I came to the forums in hopes that I could get better.

I originally joined this game cause of a youtuber called Bousefeenux who used to be a warframe youtuber I watched. Ever since I have been playing…and mostly getting the crap beat outta me.

ANYWAYS (TL;DR) I need all the help I can get, because of the luck factor of draw in this game, trying and failing over and over isn’t really enough. So far I have 8 decks of which MAYBE 2 work well enough for ranked. So if anyone can lend me some help or wants to 1v1, I would appreciate it.



You use songhai and are low rank?

Anyways, welcome to the forums


Send me an invite, my forum user is also my IGN. I don’t mind messing around with you. And of course, feel free to spectate my games!


Welcome home Mokuto ! Your new home.
Sorry, I try to find an original way to welcome people but it usually fails.
It seems you found help so I won’t add to your “burden”.
Anyway, see you laterz and have a good time :slight_smile:


Add me in-game, maybe I can help you with some budget deck with the collection you have.


Hey man, welcome to the game.

Add me in game (my in game name is just ‘hoot’) and we can have a bit chat or I can give you some advice (not pro but Diamond league currently and working my way to S-rank) or we can play starter decks and I can get you to Gold Division no problem with minimum spirit costs.


Thanks for the replies guys ill make sure to add all who offered. and for those wondering I had 2 things in mind when I started and picked songhai… #1 coolest faction (was maybe hoping for one with cat girls) #2 NINJAS and that is what I found.



i’m with phayze on this, feel free to add me. my ign is bigfootmydog and i’m a diamond vetruvian exclusive player. I will usually accept 1v1 request or if you just want pointers I will do my best to broaden your horizons. If it helps I coached some of my friends to rank 10+


Oh if anyone’s going to be a punching bag it’s me, Colexiel, professional punching bag. I forgot my business cards in my other deck. Welcome to Mythron though in game name’s Colexiel add me
If you wanna go a few rounds I’m usually free.


I can help i think i just started too picked up songhai and marched straight to diamond


You can also add me up. The IGN is the forum name. Songhai is my 2nd main faction after vet so I guess I can help a bit as well.


It’s cool, we’ve all done this stuff before. Just practice and you’ll work it out. :slight_smile:


Just play and learn from your mistakes. I’ve been playing for 10 months and still make such a lousy misplays that i often get very salty. It will be better!


Hey mate, you’re in the right place, anyway you just need experience, try to see your replay, a good way to analyze your mistake, try to keep focus and don’t make too much games, this game requires a fresh mind!
Try to watch some stream of good players with a similar list of yours.
And learn positioning and game analysis(most used meta list, to know the possible minions and spell used).
Which list do you Use?



A tip i would always give starters is to use the watch section. Search for people playing the same faction as you, either in your same division or the next one. Helps to see what others are using and making profit of, as well as how they play (positioning, resource management, own hp use, etc.). Dont go watch S-Rank at once because they will most probably use cards you dont own; but it helps on the how matter though.


Well, considering Songhai is one of the factions that requires the most skill to play it’s not surprising at all and comments like this contribute nothing.

Hey there Mokuto (ill call you that hahaha)! First of all welcome to the community, now when it comes to your post, I would recommend watching YT videos and Twitch streams from content creators to get a grasp of their thought process (I do happen to be a YTer myself but i’m not the only one, the internet is a powerful resource you should definitely use!).

You can also read positioning articles and such which are displayed on the Duelyst website. Basically improving in this game is a matter of experience, and knowing how to properly position your general and minions. We ALL make misplays every now and then, quite regularly since theres so much decision making in Duelyst that it’s very easy to “slip up” and like you said, execute a play wrong. Don’t let that discourage you!

Of course all this is supplementary, there’s nothing like learning with someone 1v1, so definitely add in as many people as you can and practice with them!

Good luck and enjoy Duelyst! :smiley:

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