Hi I'm Kevin2hard


Just want to introduce myself to the community if you all didn’t know.
I am 28 year old jamaican that has been playing duelyst since january 31st 2016 and it is my number 1 game to play. My main faction is lyonar ziran sunforge 20 ribbons followed by kaleos grandmaster zendo 2 ribbons as of 21/10/2016. My previous games were leagueoflegends (kevin2hard), yugioh(ygopro online), and hearthstone (chaosemperor#1605)

So i am trying to keep into the guidelines of forum so people know about me. Yes my english maybe bad i use slangs but at the end of the day i am a mature individual and any comments i made are all in good fun. There is nothing people can say that would offend me i am too grown for that.

Lastly due to playing league of legends excessively my main computer hard drive died so i play duelyst on my old 2011 laptop and use a phone to record videos for youtube (kevin2hard)… other recording software such as obs is not compatible with pc.

I do wish one day however to have the ability to upgrade and start streaming duelyst.

Hope u guys continue to have fun playing the game as much as i do and ill see yall on the battlefield :slight_smile:


There is no need for an introduction. You are already more than famous around here :smiley:

But still, welcome ^____^


Well, you’re not exactly new here so I’m not sure about the welcome :stuck_out_tongue:
If your hard drive died, I can assure you it is extremely easy to replace it with a new one. Even your laptop’s hard drive will do. Look it up !


ye but we all have our struggles…old laptop needs to be plugged in at all times any recording software make videos slow and unwatchable. I am not a fan of replacing stuff i rather get a new one… a gaming pc cuz if it happened once it can happen again… and i did play league of legends haaaaard like over 2000 wins within a 6 month period


I can understand. You could then build one, it’s simple too and cheaper than buying one.


Instead of welcome, hello :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that you don’t get easily offended.
Hope you carry on tolerating with those eccentric fans of yours :laughing:

Good luck with all the ideas


You are fairly childish for being 28, I’m just saying.

If Artifact Hunter Cost 3

can’t please everyone such is life oh well