Hi, I'm Avyie and I'm new to online card games


Hi there! Duelyst is the first online card game that I’ve come to really appreciate. I loveeee the turn based, strategy format. With my previous obsessions with Civ, Transitor, and aesthetic pixel art games, this game is harmonizing with all of my gaming strings. My favorite decks to play are Songhai and Abyssian-- although I’m lacking quite a bit in my Abyssian deck. It’s my long term deck building goal.

As a side note, my very first experience with collectible card games ever is with a game called Vanguard (maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s a irl tabletop card game, similar to magic or yu-gi-oh). I enjoy it and my friends play it, although I’m not sure if I’m gonna like it as an online game. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I generally dislike staring at cards on a screen.

Looking forward to playing with you all!


Welcome Avyie :smiley: Glad your enjoying it so far! I used to play Vanguard myself, I ended up quitting during the early portion of the game though, I played mostly Oracle Think Tank stuff :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about the game feel free to post them here or in another thread, we are all super friendly and helpful.

Welcome to the forums!


hello ayvie!! welcome to the forums!! the virtual hand takes some getting used to, i cannot tell you how many times i accidentally played a card i was trying to replace, but it’ll be second nature once you get used to it.

i mainly play as abyssian, so if you need any help building a deck i can help. but don’t get too comfortable, there is an expansion that is going to change a lot about the game coming in less than a week.


Oh cool! I mostly play Granblue, I’m semi-building an OTT deck actually, but I’m not actively looking around for cards; mostly built from the spares I get. Thanks!! I’ll keep that in mind! :slight_smile:


Omg yes, lol. Now I’m getting a handle on it, but my first attempts were tragic. :joy:

I love abyssian, but I think I’m gonna hold off on focusing on the deck until the expac comes out. Just cruising on my Songhai deck for now~ Thank you! I’ll let you know if I have any questions!


Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy duelyst, it is extremely fun and quite challenging. If you want a friendly fellow abyssian player to teach you the ropes/play against, just add Escrilecs.
I’d reccomend you to check out t2k5’s scripts to improve your duelyst experience, they come in very handy