Hi guys! New to the game and to the genre


Hi! It’s 6:50 AM here, so I’m kinda bored.
I never got myself interested in card games, but I’ve always enjoyed turn based rpg’s.
Well, my nickname is my surname, DUAIK, I make music, for fun, and I study in a Cinema/Movie Making university. Uf y’all want, add me on your friends list and let’s play some, I’d love to get to know you all, I’ve noticed the community on Duelyst is very receptive and mature-minded, mostly. (Sorry for bad english, not my native language, I’m Brazilian, not proud of the Brazilian’s bad ‘‘hue’’ fame tho)


Sup mate nice to see you had the balls to introduce yourself hope you enjoy the game and it’s community. Add me in game username “Owlington”


I’ll be addin’ ya right away! Forgot to mention I’ve changed my nickname, out of the blue, nickname’s ‘’ SATHANUX ‘’ now.


Welcome. CCG is similar to rpgs in the sense that both have tactics/strategy, but it’s a much different world when you start getting into it. With that, I think it’s most fun to learn about it as you get into it, so no spoilers here :slight_smile: Have fun and plenty of us are more than willing to help :slight_smile:


One note : avoid wandering around meme thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, enjoy your stay-desu


Indeed CCG games are similar yet they are way different on the playing side.
I ain’t a fan of ‘‘not so much to see’’ games, if y’all get what I’m saying.
I couldn’t play a game that only shows cards on screen, and yeah I know, that’s me, BUT, Duelyst has incredible aesthetics all over! The board’s backgrounds, the generals, minions, their effects, I LOVE PIXELS.
Well, the gameplay…
Going up the ranks ain’t easy, some players can waste me a whole match by messing up everything I once planned to do, in a single turn. Witnessed games that I thought I won, and then BAM, one single card gets the enemy a victory.
I do know that cards ain’t everything in the game, things like positioning, mana, the general you pick, when to use that specific spell… All strategies leads to winning, that’s what gets me into Duelyst.

About the meme thread: I LMAO, even tho I don’t fully understand everything I see yet, it’s funny af.

Thanks guys, I feel welcome already. Remember to add me to your friends list: SATHANUX


welcome to duelyst man.


That’s it. You just captured the essence of the meme thread



Thanks! <3


Welcome to duelyst!

I’m a resident of the meme thread, and I make jokes.

Phayze makes jokes about me, and we all have a good time.

My ingame name is the same as here if you want to add me.

This thread's title has finally been decided on
This thread's title has finally been decided on

I will ri now. Consider added.

I’m planning to stick to Duelyst for a long time, we’ll joke around togheter! :stuck_out_tongue:


I do hope you stick around. Ya seem like a cool dude. :sunglasses:


Don’t worry you’re not alone, nobody really fully understands the meme thread, not even the people who post in it (such as me, galaxy, isbee, longshot, phayze, epicflygon, isgopet, excogigator, seraphicreaper and this list is too long already).

The only person who could fully understand the meme thread is probably a really good psychologist, but I doubt we had one of those. If we do, I shall direct everyone who doesn’t like the meme thread to them as they should have realized the madness we would reach.


The meme thread can’t be decoded by psychologists cuz it is a NASA conspirancy, telepathically commanded by illuminati aliens, while the aliens are led by the chief Mechazor who likes to eat spicy beans and rides a bamboo bicycle playing Duelyst on whatever version of iPhone they have in their planet.

This thread's title has finally been decided on




Do you have a fav deck archetype/ faction yet?


No no no, remember, that’s just one of the many ruses we’ve sown to mislead onlookers. They’ll never discover the true intention behind the meme thread.


You know what to do longshot, nothing shady with this post guys.

<Shhh longshot, that post was just to mislead him further, that way he’ll believe it.>


Card games are pretty addicting. It’s all the feelings of winning a competitive game against other people, mixed in with a bit of gambling (both with opening packs and with the concept of drawing from a random deck).

They’re not for everyone, but I love them. There are definitely some conceptual overlap between card games and turn-based RPGs, though they are distinct enough to where there are more differences than similarities.

Also, I’m a player from Alaska (USA). I’m a Social Work graduate in my mid 20’s with a passion for all things nerdy. Some other games I like to play include Pokémon and Dungeons and Dragons (well pathfinder, but same thing). I don’t have much of a pressence on the boards but I lurk a lot and post to give my opinions on stuff. Welcome to the community!


Nice to meet ya. I’m an Abyssian main, IGN is the same as here. I hope you’re enjoying the game! What do you play?