Hi every one my name is steve ~~~


hi every one my name is steve ~~~


hi steve, i’m tired


Ok Steve, you now belong to the millennium rod!


You may want to post that here or here.


Hi Steve, I’m Frank.
Have you already heard about the Church of Makantor? :hatching_chick:


we must acquire new members in the church, praise CASS-cough i mean Makantor!


Silence Heretic! They must hear of the imperium!


Bloodkin > lizards > cats


run steve… run as long as you can


download (2)


Hi Cleve!

Are you a figment of Isbee’s imagination?


ahaha i actually find this funny for some reason


Did you know that duelyst players can be referred to as steve? (10k post long story)

I’m steve
You’re steve.
We’re all steve.


He said his name is Steve; I think he’s already aware of the duelyst meme thread.


Or his name is actually just steve.



That’s what he wants you to think.


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