Hi all, so this is my current build...Thoughts?


So after a very long losing streak - with a few wins every now and then - I’ve hit a pretty good winning streak and upped two levels from 20 to 18. All using this deck, It’s stacked with mostly faction cards and two Neu’s. I don’t know how good of a deck it would be in higher ranks, but for now…it’s getting the job done in silver.

Any experienced Lyonar players feel free to critique, If you’re new and have the cards or the spirit to craft the deck, give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

IMO…This deck is pretty good in the early game. I usually get good draws off the bat, and I’ll be able to replace cards that I don’t need (such as sundrop or divine bond) during the first 4 or so turns, and flood the map with low lever minions. Plus I like the amount of removal I can reach with-in 4 turns.

Mid game I’m able to sustain control using the Sun Sisters in conjunction with the Suntide Maiden’s and Silvergaurds. Then If you can drop a Bastion for good measure, you should be in good shape.

This deck is also a good build for come backs, of course if you play your cards right. I’ve been able to clutch a match thanks to some lucky draws of second sons and Ironcliffes with a lil love from divine bond.



Overall, I would say that it looks good, but I would make a few changes. First, I would drop the Bastions and add in Healing Mystics or Primus Fists. I personally would go with the Fists, and change Sister Sterope to Primus Shieldmaster. I also like Tigers, especially with Argeon’s buff, so I would try to work them in somewhere (maybe -1 Suntide Maiden and -1 Second Sun for 2 Tigers).


I really like Aclyte Sentinel and Lasting Judgement. Not many other decks really seem to be using them, but I think they are both fantastic cards.

I think I would drop sun sister setrope from your deck. You don’t have very many healing effects, and even if you do get a couple True Strikes out of it, I think that another 4 drop would be better. If you have enough Spirit to craft more Arclyte Regalias or Holy Immolations I think those are very good cards. Bloodtear alchemist works well with holy Immolation because they are only 1 mana, and the extra 1 damage ping often proves to be useful when trading.


Offhand, I’d say

  • 4 Sun Sister Sterope
  • 2 Bastion
    -2 Second Sun

+1 Dancing Blades
+1 Sun Bloom (Holy Immolation if you have it)
+1 Divine Bond
+3 (Draw Engine – probably Sojourner, maybe Blaze Hound, Spelljammer if you have it.)