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Hi all, new player and forum member here

Hello all, new player here. My friend got me into the game and so far I am loving it and have been playing about a week. Every evening I look forward to sitting down for an hour and having fun! I guess I am your typical middle aged guy who needed an outlet for some quiet fun and so far this has been quite the surprise. I did break down and bought 50 orbs from each set to get me going, hopefully I will not get in hot water over that one! LOL. But i figure now I can start slowly using the gold from quests to get any additional orbs. I am still trying to figure out good deck combinations and make plenty of new guy mistakes (such as forgetting to use my ‘big circle power’ bloodborn?) I used to play Magic the gathering from beta through Mirage and won quite a few tournaments and even regional events. I sold that collection many years ago though and wish I still had it as I hear they are worth a small fortune today.

Anyways have a good week all and good gaming.


Welcome to the game and community. Hope you have a good time.

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Welcome to the game!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate asking them. Here you can find a great collection of new player guides which should be very helpful for improving your win chances :slight_smile:

You played MtG around the same time that I did though, was a great game but to be honest I can’t go back to it. The system with lands needed to generate mana… well let’s say I can’t tolerate that anymore :wink:

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Welcome, welcome!

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Welcome master Jedi!
I’d say good call on buying these orbs to start, it’ll save you a lot of grinding and you’ll enjoy the game so much more. The only problem (besides what your SO could bring :stuck_out_tongue: ) is that you are now contemplating years worth of fun and experimentation.

Use and abuse our wiki, and this forum’s “search” button. You’ll also soon find out that there are very helpful people here to discuss with.

Best game ever? Yep.

Welcome again!


Welcome to the game, I hope you will enjoy playing it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, the community is usually willing to answer questions and give advice.

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Maybe it’s too early to ask, but which faction do you prefer now?

There’s an awesome thread for Abyssian faction hosted by @miguelosz :

It’s mostly fun and gimmicky ideas there, not perfect if you plan to reach top of the ladder in short time, but perfect if you’re looking for some funny and creative deckbuilding choices. As a sidenote, Abyssian faction has the most diverse choices of playstyle, but not very good in meta nowadays.

Another thread I want to advertise is @deathsadvocate’s master thread, who is a more serious competitive player playing anything non Songhai, and who is very nice to share his decks with the community:

He is also pretty creative and has several gimmicky decks, and his decks are usually quite competitive.


Welcome to Duelyst! If you’re looking for fun you’ve come to the right place.


NO! Don’t listen to them! Don’t go into the darkness, @bigdavejedisage! DESTROY ALL YOUR ABYSSIAN CARDS!!! (you totally need the spirit :wink: )


Guess you already got my master thread.

Allthough my budget thread is probably more prudent at the moment:

Let the abyss consume you, burn the burn for spirit AKA Spellhai.


Well, OP already got 50 of every kind of orb, so I guess budget lists are much less interesting :slight_smile:

That’s a good start, but we don’t want him running and crafting a bunch of not so great legends particularly before really figuring out his favorite faction/playstyle, or before getting staples.

This way he can probably build a bunch of the budget decks right away for quests and what not, and then follow the upgrade paths for the ones he likes before moving onto the master thread.

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Welcome to the game and the forums!

Heyo and welcome, new person.

hallo. orbs are my crack

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Welcome, and enjoy :slight_smile: Awesome that you have also supported the game financially. Doolist is a really special game, you’ve got endless hours of fun ahead of you.


Welcome welcome and if you’re ever interested in getting into the competitive side of the game feel free to contact me or join the discord I run. :smiley: That being said take your time and mess around for a bit.

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grinding in duelyst is good fun :stuck_out_tongue: I pulled an orb there with a leg 2 rares and an exo, way better than paying for em :stuck_out_tongue:


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