Hi all, Looking for some Lyonar guidence


So I feel like Lyonar is pretty squishy especially since all other factions feel spell dependent. Songhai isn’t so hard to dell with. But the specific faction i’ve been dealing with are Magmar, Abyssian, and the Ventruvian.

I’ve been remaking decks this whole week. Specfically working with more units and buff spells.

But I either get dispelled or remove every game.

It’s starting to trigger me a bit, I’m about to move to a different faction soon if this keeps up.

So I’am just looking for good deck builds or tips if anyone is able to provide some guidance that be nice.


Can you tell us:

  • Your rank?
  • Your decks?
  • Your card pool?
  • Which factions do you have problems with?
  • And finally, your address and your credit card number (just kidding)

We can’t help you without knowing anything about you :slight_smile:


is there a fast way to share all that?

the decks and card pool I mean?

I guess I should google it lol, I’m sure there are deck building online tools or something…

anyway I’m a rank 20

and the most painful factions are Magmar, Abyssian, and the Ventruvian.


To share your deck you can build it here: http://duelystdb.com/squad/build
Then click on “Landscape” to get an image with all the spells and minions and finally copy-paste it in your thread.

For your card pool it’s enough to tell us which are the legendaries, epics and and how many copies of them you have. Or you can share screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you use t2k5’s scripts? They include a deck exporter that allows you to easily export your decklists to DuelystDB or Manaspring. Are you using Argeon? Is your usual deck aggro, midrange or control?


I’ve actually been bouncing between both hero’s, and I’m not using either of those scripts.

I guess Aggro and Control.

I use a lot of provoke minions and high defensive for high damage buffs.
I think my problem is I buff before my next turn showing my opponents which minion to focus…Bad strategy and wrong move order is my biggest problem I feel.

But I’ll do what Frenzy suggested and screenshot my cards and decks

Card Pool (Lyonar)

Card Pool (Neutral)

I have one more pages of Neutral’s and another post with decks. I can only post 5 images at a time so I got to break them up.


Continuing with my post…

Card Pool (Neutral)

Zir’an Deck

Argeon Deck


Quite simple really, you’re missing ironcliffe guardian and holy immolation


You can win without Holy Immolation and without Ironcliffes, and even without Dancing Blades. Here is what I would run:

I got to Diamond with a similar deck. You can add me in-game if you want practice matches some time (Whoshim).


Thanks man, I’ll try it out.