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Heyo, I'm Phayze Starstrider of the House of Zir'ix!


So! I am a Duelyst player quite obviously, I’ve been playing for 3 months now, the current is my 4th. I’ve finished Gold 9/10 in the first month and Diamond 3 in both 2nd and 3rd. I am by no means an amazing player, but I do love discussing game balance and such. If the title didn’t tell you already, I’m a Vet main, and got hit pretty hard by the BBS need. This gave me a reason to try out Songhai as well as some Sajj decks, both of which I use on the ladder right now. I think that’s about everything, if there’s anything you’d like to ask feel free to do so!

P.S. I joined because this place looked like fun and I wanted some of it.
P.P.S. Aymara Healer is my favorite card, saved me sooooo many times
P.P.P.S. I can and will destroy you by summoning 3 Aymara’s back to back.


Welcome :smiley:


Nice name, man.

But I will Lightbender these three Aymaras :stuck_out_tongue:


Those Aymara Healers will look great as tiny Panddos :wink:

Welcome to the forums :]


Poor guy, he’s barely settled and we’re already threatening to kill his favorite cards :<

Here, take this. Made it with my own hands.


Thanks! :smiley:
Looking forward to reading interesting threads!


Ah, if only they were cheap enough to summon all in one turn, alas, I cannot and thus you can only lightbender one, after which you shall feel the wrath of her sisters!
BTW, something that itches my OCD, 5/5 deals 5 damage, heals 5 health. Costs 6. Can you find the odd one out?


I must admit, Panddos are pretty awesome but I think I like them in terrifying 6 drop, flip the tables mode better, thank you very much ;D


Yay! Aymara! <3


Fine, I’d just use three ephemeral shrouds then.

Regarding your OCD, I’m guessing the 5/5 deals 5, right? It would be so much more satisfying if it was 1 2/3 card that dealt 4 damage, healed 5, and cost 6.


I think you’ve almost got it, there’s just something that’s a little bit off. Cant quite put my finger on it…


Speaking of necrobumps, welcome to Duelyst!

Vetruvian is still a strong contender despite the recent Siphon nerf (especially with MechaSajj), but the meta keeps shifting away from Vetruvian. Hope you’ve been liking Songhai—Counterplay’s favorite faction!



You’re slightly late bud, but thanks anyway. You are the forum necromancer now I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Considering how tenacious moderators have been at closing topics, I figure ones that aren’t closed are still worth carrying a discussion or reply. Also, I’m just picking on you. Don’t tempt me to resurrect all of your threads.

My response still stands, and I meant what I said without malice. I may be a necromancer with TWO posts (I know necromancers that took them years to master what they know), but at least I’m friendly and earnest about it.

OH, while on the topic of necromancy, my new thread was closed by a moderator due to questions being answered on a topic that was OLD. Do I post a new topic to satisfy you to have them closed and moderators and forum mongers pointing me to old topics, or do I reply to unclosed topics with my questions relative to that discussion? Earnest question; I want to appease everyone in this new fangled forum that was—by the way—resurrected.



Never heard of MechaSajj. I thought Mech decks needed either very strong ways to delay games and/or good draw, and Vet’s control is as limited as it is interesting, while our card draw is only average.


Just take a Sajj artifact deck (Ankh, Hexblade, Maelstrom, and Tears as primary wincon) and stuff it with mech cards (replacing artifact finding cards). It’s been a 50-60% win rate for me climbing Silver as I either win with the primary wincon or with Mechaz0r.

Not touting it as the best, but it’s pretty fun.



I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say here, but maybe look through the suggested threads when you go to make one to see if you can’t find an answer to a question? I hope that’s pertinent advice. Locking thread for very old necro.

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