Heyo from Drakic


Just reporting in and saying that I love this game. Long time player you may have come across me in game a few times in Season Play. Always starting off with a GLHF AND finishing with a well played. (though I may not receive one back.).

I tend to play a little gimmicky decks that on some occasions work very well. I don’t particularly main one faction, but my most played is definitely Vanar.

How is everyone? By chance, if you encountered me tell me of it! I want to hear your opinions in my playstyle and if I remember it as well I’ll share my opinion on the duel as well!


I can’t say that I’ve seen you before, but welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums, Drakic.
Never played against you but I’ll try to remember to say GLHF and well played if I do. Not exactly an habit of mine.
Have a good time around here.


It tends to be a habit of mine to be respectful to all players. Having played with some players with very bad attitudes towards the games I’ve played (im looking at you Magic The Gathering) I learned very early on that bad luck strikes every player once in a while. I try to keep things cheerful and wish players the best, win or lose.


Welcome friend!

That’s a pretty good attitude to have; I try to do the same. I don’t start off with GLHF though, I start off with Healing Mystic > heal opponent > mwa emote.


I typically always start with GLHF if I’m player 1, if I’m player 2 I reply if they say anything but don’t initiate the greeting/well wishes.

I do almost always end with a Well Played though.