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Hey You! Yeah You! Come Check Out This Sweet Decklist!


This is my new combo Valknu decklist! The ideal scenario is Morin Khur + Abjudicator on 8 into Valknu’s + Fractal on 9. I don’t have much to say besides try and control all game and end it a combo, whether it be with fractal or just straight up Valknu’s + Khur on 9. Here is a short montage of me using the combo!

Keep on Dueling


The only egg synergy in your deck is Ragebinder, so why not use adamantine claws for extra dmg?


Valknu too. The entire point of Morin-Khur is to instantly hatch Valknu, isn’t it? With that, why doesn’t this run Inceptor?


Most likely because you cannot play Valknu, Replicate and Inceptor on the same turn for the burst damage he was suggesting. In addition, Replicate gives you 2 eggs and Inceptor can only hatch 1 egg in comparison to Khur’s ability to hatch all eggs. Khur also gives an automatic extra burst damage of 9 since the extra 3 attack on your general will transfer to all 3 eggs.


Yeah the whole goal was to set up morin in advance so you can play valknu replicate on the next turn for a huge amount of surprise burst. one of the clips is like 3 17 attack valknus which is obviously overkill but the whole heart of the deck. You could run inceptor but i think at this point you can just make an excuse for cutting valknu all together and just playing ragnora with g fort if you wanted a better deck.


In my eyes there are 2 types of valknus decks. 1 is my deck, which aims to get a lot of medium attack valknus. the other type would be to get 1 huge vaath and get 1 huge valknu to finish off the game. I think both are ok styles but i personally prefer to play this type


Yeah I have play the medium attack Valknu decks with flash reincarnations and Wild interceptors.Most of the time Valknu comes out it has pretty low impact.I think your method makes more sense for Valknu but sometimes the early Valknu makes sense of especially with 1 mana artifact in Ragnora.



Pretty spicy deck there josh.


Is that what I think it is?..

It is! Seal of V!


Should run drogon for very stronk valknu.


true true if i had khur equipped previously i could drogon +bbs+ valknu on 9


very cool deck and nice video with awesome music for it ^^

i so wanna try it but only have 1 Morin Khur and since it’s rotating out, i’ll pass on crafting 2 more till they announce new modes. i’ll just wish you godspeed in laddering with it c:


damn, idk which to surprised at more, that you got 3 procs of abjudicator on a fractal replication or that I’ve seen every single one of the people in your video on ladder at least once


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