Hey Vanar noob here


Good morning everyone (or evening idk).
Some of you might know me as top tier Magmar player (at least in Bronze, kek) or a sarcastic douchebag.
After seeing my favourite control faction going more and more reta… I mean aggro, I decided to search for a proper control deck and I think Vanar is closest to make something that we can call control archetype.
I had a not that bad time tbh and most match ups are pretty easy, even Magmar (but after playing with it a fair amount of time I guess I know how to counter it). The worst one seemes to be Abyssian, I obviously cannot out value their late game and the only way to kill them is to be faster than them. I really hate that kind of approach playing as a control deck but right now it cannot be helped I guess.
So here comes my question: how to balance control with constant aggresion? Any suggestions about my deck?

I’m still missing some core cards like Gravity well, I haven’t invested much in Vanar.


Artifacts synergize really well with shroud to allow constant pressure. I don’t see much need for Alcuin.


Alucin is only for copying Concealing Shroud, it’s really annoying, also it can copy Holly Immo. But yeah it’s not consistant enough I will probably drop it.


I would change out the Frostburn for either White Asp or Snowpiercer; it can function as removal, and helps you change gears to aggro when you’re up against Variax and having the Skorn + Enfeeble induces a good amount of redundancy to the inclusion of Frostburn.

Similarly, I’d probably play Cryptographers instead of Herald for the same reason; this also helps you remove things with Hearthsister.

Also about Alcuin, Alcuin lets you be extraordinarily flexible. You don’t have many dispel targets outside of Meltdown (and I guess Sleet Dasher?) so I feel like saving Shroud for when you’re going to die is going to get you killed more often than not. Every player who knows much about the game is holding dispel until Faie casts Shroud except Songhai players. Enfeeble, Chromatic, BBS, Enfeeble, Corona, are all good pulls from Alcuin in your deck that aren’t Shroud.


I like Frostburn but I have to agree with you, I will try those artifacts and crypto. Alucin can allow some amazing actions that’s for sure.


Did you look the update in bagoum? They added a kinda ramp faie:

Maybe you can try to find something close


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