Hey there I'm playing Duelyst


Hey there Duelyst Com,

I’m the new one, annother one, I started playing 2 days ago so I’m a dumb noob and have no cards.
But i fell in love with the pixelart and the overall Gameplay. Just give me more Cards sigh

About me, I’m 24 Years old and I’m from Germany. I’m not that familiar with Card and Stratgames maybe Magic the Gathering in RL, but i gonna stay with Duelyst cause of that Pixelart <3

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

I hope i gonna see some of you on the Battleground.



Remember, avoid meme thread.
Otherwise, welcome to the forum-desu.

Lots of basic cards are very good-- in fact, used on competitive decks. Rarities often mean that the card’s effect is more complicated the more rare it is. For first, try grasping the game mechanics, the importance of positioning (especially don’t line your minions in the same column when enemy Faie has BBS ready) and looking at good plays (when to go offensive, reactive, etc). Watching S-ranks are a good way to learn, but for starters, playing is the best way to go as you won’t understand most plays at higher ranks yet.


Welcome and do not call yourself a dumb noob, it’s not a good habit to demean yourself.

Wish you lots of fun! :slight_smile:


@overcharge I’m old af what is a meme theard?
@Aeruniel just a bit sarcasm thats me =D

Ty for fast admission


Hi there,
I’m from Germany, too. If you like, add me ingame for help or just a chat or some friendly matches.

If you like to talk in German there’s a thread about Duelyst in a German Heroes of Might and Magic Community called “Drachenwald”:

This forum here is my first source of information for all things regarding Duelyst. The link above is not more then a sidekick where two people (more or less) talking about Duelyst! But it’s not meant to and will never be a replacement for this forum here!


Request is out, if there is no IGN:Tonetaube


Have fun and good luck here!
I too fall in love with the pixel art when first seeing it :smiley:


What faction do you like so far (:


@sajjismywaifu <3
@gabriek Think Lyonar is my first role till now i started with a Abys Swarm deck but how i try it won’t work maybe i need some time to find my playstyle in Duelyst to play what I build =D


I’m an S rank swarm abyss player, if you wanna know how to make it work just ask :slight_smile:


Maybe post your Deck so i can watch what i need? I love the Mechanic but i don’t know how to live long enough or bring the swarm fast enough to win.


I’m on my phone right now so I can’t really post a deck list. But what you want for a budget swarm deck is zyx, gloomchaser, wraithling swarm, one other 2 drop (I suggest bloodtear alchemist), then bloodtide pristess and shadowdancer; you can run shadow watcher too if you want . For spells stuff like soul shatter pact, deamonic lure and ritual vanishing. Toss some dispel in there like light bender and you should be good to go.

When you get enough spirit I highly recommend crafting deathfire crescendo and after that spectral revenants.

The main mistake I see when other people play swarm is that they take the mans tiles when playing as player 2. What you want to do is summon your minions behind you so you can take advantage of their deaths when the enemy general moves forward.


Get me a Decklist when you are at home =D


Good to see you, welcome to Duelyst!


DJ Khaled? Dat you?

Welcome to the duelyst forums! Hopefully you enjoy your time here and everyone can help you with the game and whatever else you might need.

Sidenote: The meme thread is a mysterious place, you need not worry about it now, but I’m sure you’ll stumble upon it eventually. Until then, just don’t think about it.


@fusion23310 I feel old and stupid cause i don’t know what it is sad times for old people D=

We the best boooy :wink:


I don’t know in what universe 24 is considered old…:sweat_smile:
Ya fine, bud. Ya fine…


Don’t beat yourself up. The meme thread isn’t an old thing or something that’s hip with the youngsters. Anyone new to the forums wouldn’t know what the meme thread is. The meme thread is a bit more, unique to the forums… let us say.


@isbee Thats why i said i feel old and not I am old honey :kissing_heart:
@fusion23310 I see I see maybe i catch one in the future


Meme thread is called “We dunno thread name” its a general chat where we post memes and people make fun of me. Good times

Welcome to duelyst tho!