Hey there guys (and hopefully girls too)


Hello everyone, I started playing 3 weeks ago. Really loving the game, so I decided to get a little more involved by joining the forum community.
By the way, I usually watch Thesylvermyst stream. Do you guys know other good streams to watch Ladder or Gauntlet?


Welcome to the forums~ I would recommend looking at @mogwai , @envybaer , and Grincher’s steam for ladder gameplay, as well as @F8D for a few steamers. @hsuku also streams quite regularly as well~


You may also be interested in everything here:


Thank you, I’ll check those streams and guides out.

See you in game!


wanted to come back to also include @qeltar my recommended streamer list along with kiratze, both of whom are either streaming currently or about to stream~


Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

About to start our special session with Gauntlet expert Hsuku!