Hey, is my deck any good?


Hey guys,
On behalf of the post I made to get some general tips, I figured I could also get some about my deck. So, here’s my build.


Egg Morph is Magmars best Removal, and you don’t need 3 Plasma Storms. Also, Phalanxar is pretty bad, and got even worse with Skorn released, Young Silithar is a god and will be buffed with the expansion, replace the former for the latter. Your deck concept is kinda wierd, since it looks pretty tempo oriented with all the buffs but has only slow minions, so i think 3 Tigers over 3 Earthwalkers will be better. Also idk if Dragonlark is any good, might wanna replace them with Bloodtears, since they are great, especially in Magmar. Other choices to consider are lowering your curve and removing the shieldmasters and add Primus Fists or Ephemereal Shroud/repulsor if you feel like you need more answers. Makantors are a must have and should replace Stormmetal once you have them. You can keep Pandora as an alternate wincon, or also get rid of it for early game pressure. Skorn and Diretide Frenzy are also good for Tempo/Midrange Magmar.


Just a really quick template how i’d change the deck without altering it tooo much and without high cost cards. If you don’t have Lkian run Blaze Hound instead, Starhorns BBS is just … bad as it is right now, and Vaath is excellent for Decks like these. Flamewing has good synergy with Diretide Frenzy but i’d probably run Elucidator over it if you have it, and yeah Makantors are your top priority.
Once you run Makantor and Elucidator also run Amplification over Fortitude.

And most importantly, take all of this with a grain of salt. Expansion is coming, and things are gonna change a LOT.


Thanks for the tips ! But, I don’t really understand everything, because I don’t know the game’s vocab. Anyway, I guess you mean that my deck’s initial build is agressive with its spells and my minions are for a more slow-paced style. I’ll try that but I don’t have lots of cards, so, I’ll just try. Thanks again :relaxed:


I would actually sub 3x dancing blades for the young flamewings as most of the time they just get cryo’d. Great craft as its a neutral card that can be used in basically all decks.


You talk about early game pressure. Is that not aggro? Or is tempo and aggro different things?


As far as i can tell ( i am not good with that kinda vocabulary either) aggro is going mainly face, and not caring all 2 much about the board, while the concept of tempo basically is ‘to swing the game in ones favor in the short term’. E.g. a buffed young silithar is a strong tempo play, since its hard for the opponent to remove it that early, even though it might put you at a card disadvantage. Tempo Decks like the classy Argeon Tempo try to establish control over the board early on while pushing face damage when possible and want to win in the midgame. Control decks want to play on curve and win by outvalueing in the long run, Aggro wants to win as early as possible. Midrange is a Tempo-List that has some control cards in it it can fall back on. Egg Morph for example is a weak tempo play, since especially when played on curve gives your opponent the initiative. The borders between these definitions are open though.


Thanks for giving your interpretations. I agree it is a bit loose, and too many players don’t understand. I’m trying though, so I can be absolutely sure which concept I’m pushing building a deck on my own. In this case, for Vaath. Is Stormmetal Golem a fallback if he doesn’t win mid range? What turn do you suppose your suggested deck should win by?


Stormmetal Golem is fine for this deck, since it has good stats for its manacost, i.e. it can do favorable trades. Well that kinda depends on the matchup. You want to push damage really aggressive vs. Kara and Cassy for example, since you can’t compete lategame. In general I’d say you should win at 7 or 8 Mana, since you can’t answer the threats control decks can develop by then, like buffed Kara Minions, Silithar Elder and so on.

Well, i don’t think the concepts itself are that important to understand. You just need to have a gameplan in mind when building a deck, and what you want to do in certain matchups. Its for example quite self explanatory that you want to conserve your health vs. Aggro Faie decks. In that specific Matchup you would also want to always mulligan egg morph, since it’s a completly pointless card, while diretide frenzy and Bloodtear are vital.


I just went againt Faie with your, modified, deck. I won. :wink: Thanks for the suggestion, I really enjoy it so far.


Nice, i hope it continues to work, have fun :smiley: