Hey, I'm Wize and I'm your new kouhai!


Hey guys, I’m an all new player that came with the Steam release !
Before I say anything else, the name’s deWize. But, you can call me “Wize”. Much more natural, isn’t it ?
I hope I’ll get along with you guys. I’m not always serious, I’m a bit of a noob but I’m not mean :wink: . I also LOVE anime. And kouhai means something like disciple ! So now you’re all my senpais! My mentors ! Sometimes I post stuff that’s not always understandable, at least I used to on other forums, but I try to improve that all the time.
In game I main Songhai and Magmar. Love’em so much <3. So, see you then ! I have some topics I’m going to post but right now I have to go back hone my Duelyst skills.

Should you concede to your opponent?
We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

Welcome to Duelyst, I started at the same time as you. I also enjoy Anime and Manga a lot, for instance the word Kōhai actually translates to ‘Underclassman’ or someone close in age to you who would refer to their older peers as Senpai (Upperclassman). It’s simply a respectful way of addressing someone in that position.

I want to warn you that a lot of people can be ‘triggered’ by that sort of language though, so be prepared for negative feedback at times, and to be called a Weeaboo as well. I’m unsure of how old you are but just know that almost everywhere you go people are typically unaccommodating to others that differ from them.

Either way I hope your time on the forums and in Duelyst are great and that you get up there with the best of em!


I have no idea what is going on with all of these “senpai, kouhai…” but welcome to duelyst and have a great time :smiley:


welcome, to the community. Hope we can get along DeWize.


Don’t try to understand it, the less you know the better.

Anyway, hi.


Welcome newcomer! Always great to have new players want to become active in the community, I wish you success in your duelyst journey :slight_smile:! (also fellow fellow weeb!)


I don’t know much but I think senpai is how you’d refer to a senior, and kouhai is someone who is like a trainee or something. (I don’t know for sure tho)


Not a problem ! If you ever wanted to know I’m a high-school freshman ( is that actually how you say it ? ). I’ll adapt to the people with whom I interact, so, I hope I won’t annoy anyone. Wanted to say “hi” to the other “weebs” too :slight_smile: . Anyway, See you on the boards or in game everyone !


Haha I guess were around the same age then.


Quite possible, although I can’t know for sure since I live in France.


Ah yes, region is always a factor as well. I keep forgetting that people live in other places haha.


This gif is 10/10


Hey!:slight_smile: Welcome to the forums and hope you continue to enjoy the game!