Hey! I'm Derenash :)


Hey guys and girls!

Brazillian here! My english isn’t thaaat great, I will do my best to keep the reading clear.

I play duelyst for 6-8 months (?), I only play Vanar (Faie). Feel free to add me on Duelyst, @Derenash

My friend just began playing duelyst this week and he didn’t manage to get Humble Bundle’s 20 orbs in time is there anyway for him to get those?

Thanks people C:


There’s a thread where older players posted codes if that helps.

Welcome to Duelyst, may the Makantor Jesus have mercy on you.



Welcome to the forums Derenash! I hope you have a good time here :smiley: Look forward to seeing you around.


Hey Derenash, I’m also from Brazil! I’m playing duelyst for almost 6 months - not with so much frequency -. Can I add you to my friendlist ?

Até mais!