Hey guys, ScytherSquad here ! I'm a new player here and looking for help :D


Hey guys ! My username is ScytherSquad and I would like someone to can give me advice or help me out! It would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been watching Mogwai for some time now and has inspired me to play this amazing game!


Welcome my good man!

Looking to play against you on the ladder😜
What would you like to know?


Thank you ! Looking forward to playing you as well :slight_smile:
My questions are:
What would be the best way to attain card packs ?
What is crafting ?
And which faction would e most effective for a beginner to start with and build?



Hey, welcome to Duelyst, and to the forums as well, you definetly gonna enjoy this game, as it have a very high depth to it. Well, as a new player i think this may be useful for you:


There’s a lot of advice that you can get from those, but for start i would recommend to get to level 11 with all factions to get a feel from all the factions and choose which ones are more suitable for you.


Thank you ! :slight_smile:



Hi Scyther, welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time around here :smiley:


Thank you! :slight_smile: Already enjoying this amazing game and the amazing people on the forum :slight_smile:



Start with the easy one - basically the easiest factions are the bulky ones, lyonar and Magmar.

But try getting any of the factions to lvl 10 and you’ll have a good idea which one works well for you.

Packs - you can either pay money, or completing quests, I recommend the second one.
Crafting is when you’ll have a good idea for the faction or deck style that you like to run. You’ll be able to disenchant card in order to get half the gold for them that way you’ll be able to create a new cards for the specific deck.


Thank you ! I appreciate the help !


Sup scyther (cool name by the way)

  1. Best way to attain packs is play gauntlet, the rewards are always better than buying packs.
    You do get atleast one guaranteed pack and if u get 4 wins then its already amaxzing in my opinion.
  2. Crafting has to do with the spirit that you get through many ways, such as gauntlet rewards, disenchanting cards and monthly rewards. Common =40 Rare=100 Epic=400 Legendary=900
  3. I started off playing songhai because ninjas are awesome tbh right now just choose a cool looking general that u like and play them.


Thank you ! I like your smeargle pic :slight_smile:
Any advice for gauntlet ?


Oh, i can answer that.

You get packs in 2 possible ways:

If you’re starting i recommend buying them on armory with gold, because playing gauntlet is only good when you have a good understandment of the game, so i reccomend to stay away from it by now. Buying basic orbs are better than shimzar orbs when you start the game.

About crafting - Every non basic card in duelyst have a spirit cost. In crafting you can disenchant some of your cards to get spirit. With spirit you can make other cards. For example, by disenchanting a legendary card you get 350 spirit which you can use to make other cards, for example an epic card. Each rarity have it’s own value in spirit:

  • Common - 40 spirit to create, disenchanting the gives 10 spirit
  • Rare - 100 spirit to create, disenchanting them gives 20 spirit
  • Epic - 350 spirit to create, disenchanting them gives 100 spirit
  • Legendary - 900 spirit to create, disenchanting them gives 350 spirit

About best faction to start - People say that lyonar is the best because they’re somewhat straightforward, but i personally reccomend leveling up the factions to lv 11 and picking one or two that you feel more comfortable with and learn to play those.


Thank you ! That really helps a lot :slight_smile:


Welcome, first of all level all faction and choose 1-2-3 you prefer and focus on them, then start to play with us! ;D


Welcome to Duelyst!



Thank you and looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Thank you ! :slight_smile:


Welcome I would say just try and enjoy th e game at first… Losing isn’t a bad thing here so don’t put to much focus on it. If ur gonna play try not to have to many 1 cards in your decks. Try not to have 2 many big costing cards either. Remember removal is prevent in th is game and don’t play one flashy monster unless you know it will be dispelled or destroyed.

I would say when you get the 150 gold play gauntlet just remember there is usually less removal type cards in these decks so multiple minions with ranged blast or damage over time is better here.


I meant to type more, but it was really late for me at the time. :slight_smile:

I agree with everyone here. To toss my opinion in the hopper, I recommend just doing whatever daily quests are given to you each day. After doing your dailies, focus on completing ALL of the challenges (I forget what that game mode is called) as it will teach you how to think tactically and all (I believe) of the keywords implemented in the game.

You’ll amass a wealth of gold that you want to spend on the core set of cards (non-Shimizar and non-Rise of the Bloodborn Pack). The expansions definitely have nice cards to add to your collection, but they won’t help much if you don’t have a core backbone.

The forum community here is full of great people regularly in high- and top-tier ranks each season. I’m a professional Silver and Gold rank player so take my advice like you would a donut.

Have fun, play often, and don’t forget to start with “GLHF”, end with “Well played”, and tip your defeated opponent [that didn’t punk out].