Hey guys! New player here


Hey all, new player here. Just joined after being super burned out from Pirate Hearthstone, and I look forwards to meeting you all!


(Username Context: My name is Victor. I played LoL, where there was a champion called Viktor, the Machine Herald.)


cue sinister laughter
Hope you enjoy the forums, participate in things and check out the meme thread. If ya need help, feel free to ask!

P.S. Your name is dank, too bad I’m a Kassadin main and counter upstart mages like you. No more completely balanced 5k dmg burst oneshotting!


<3 Thanks for the warm welcome


heeeeeey welcome to Duelyst, hope you have a great time and tip a lot especially when i meet you, :smiley:


Welcome to duelyst!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, the community here is very helpful.

Also, you should know that I do this a lot.

With the space between my sentences.


Don’t let it bug you, its just something I do.



Ecks dee to you as well, that was a rather humourous statement.


welcome to Duelyst :smiley:


Welcome to the game Machine :smiley: Glad you’ve been enjoying it. What deck have you been rocking?


Welcome, welcome, and if you play Vetruvian, even more welcome!

I hope you enjoy the game!

Bow down before your master, a Veigar main.


Oh please foolish mage. You never get to scale when Kassadin has your number.


IS THAT A SHORT JOKE?! #triggered


Duh, after all, your patience is on a short fuse. These jokes are getting as low as your eye level. You’ll never reach your dreams, now will you? Sometimes, things get a little out of hand. You never really lived up to expectations, now did you?

Nailed it. #triggermachine


I died. I died and you just stood there. I died and you watched. I died and you said no.

I’m dead.

I’m gonna stop hijacking this topic now :dizzy_face:, but points to anyone who gets the reference.


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