Hey guys, I need some advice on Decimate


Hey there, guys, I just reached Rank 5 a while back, but I’m having a hard time winning now that I’m here. I was thinking of trying something new, and my options are either Decimate, Dawn’s Eye, Elyx Stormblade, Solarius or Sky Phalanx. Dawn’s Eye is amongst those options because I’m using three Arclyte Regalias, and thought maybe that might complement it.

I’m mostly interested in Decimate though, but I’m unsure if it’s worth to craft as I only have limited spirit, and don’t wanna regret crafting it later on if it doesn’t work out. I’d like to know from players who have experience using Decimate if it’s worth it. From what I understand, even if you are surrounded by enemy minions, Decimate doesn’t do crap as long as any general is around any minion, right?

I’d pretty much like advice on these cards, how well they will fit in a semi-control Zir’an deck, and maybe if you have time just a quick explanation on how best to play them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! :slight_smile:


I would really hold off on crafting it right now, if Ranged does take off the card might become more valuable, but Skorn and Tempest already exist for those situations. A Near-v-Far style Lyonar deck doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now.

Of the options you list I’d definitely recommend Dawn’s Eye as a generally good pick, especially because of your Regalia. Put it in a deck with Silhouette Tracer, Magnetize and Repulsor Beast for all the reach you need and you should get a fun Weapyonar experience.

For the semi-control Zir’An deck idea specifically a copy of Sky Phalanx is probably going to be best. Elyx is really strong but suffers from having no immediate effect and being vulnerable to removal so Phalanx is likely to be more reliable.

Good luck figuring things out, and congratulations on hitting Diamond!


Thanks, thematsjo!
I still feel like it’s a fluke that I made it to Diamond, it’s really tough in this division for me.

You do have a good point on the ranged units, perhaps I should consider bringing back Tempest into my deck for some help with removing smaller minions for now, instead of using Decimate.

And I think maybe one Dawn’s Eye and one Sky Phalanx might actually help my current deck quite a bit based on what you said, I do tend to have a problem maintaining board presence as the game progresses, and maybe the latter spell would help with that.

I do have one more question… I currently use two Aegis Barrier in my deck as well, not a very popular card, but I just love it… in that case, would Elyx be slightly more useful with Aegis Barrier?
Even if it gets dispelled by Ephemeral Shroud or Lightbender and then removed, the opponent just spent two cards to deal with one, doesn’t sound all that bad, either… what do you think?

But either ways, thank you so much for your response and help, thematsjo! :smile:


as a guy who has 19 lyonar ribbons i must say do not craft any of those… just play the game and get a feel of the meta… im in diamond using ziran and its hella frustrating u know why … i cant use decimate,holy immo, sun bloom (stormblade and sky phalanx last picks) all in one deck know why?? how the meta shapes up when i run 3 decimates i encounter mirror matches and magmar n vanar close ranged and when i take them out its all reva n ranged minions… i just couldnt find a balance. its best u continue playing and using gold to grab core sets as u get higher chance for legendaries. i dont want u regret crafting untested cards because you might be like me and later disenchant them and craft them over n over again lol ive done that its because the meta will get u frustrated and think these cards are crap because we die by turn 6-7 and never get chance to use them. dont worry tho save your spirit in due time u will get them at 3


i have 1 decimate in all my lyonar decks (except hyper aggro) just because it can offer huge swing turns and combacks

its good in specific matchups and very bad in others, won me some games though


Oh, I’m feeling the meta, definitely… all the way up there!
Hahaha, it’s certainly frustrating… what’s worse is I’ve gone up against other Lyonar players, Zir’an even, and I still come up short. I think the problem might be my gameplay rather than the cards I have or don’t have. Think I’ll just have to do what you said; continue playing and work on my strategy, thanks for the advice, Kevin!

By the way, I’ve read a couple of your threads before, and I’m a big fan of your deck ideas. I like that you’re really passionate about making Zir’an work for ya! :smile:


I’ve been keeping an eye out on how my matches usually go, and you pretty much summed it up… there are situations where Decimate would have worked wonders, and other times… not so much. Man, I wish I could go back to Silver, I’m not made to think too much, hahah… anyways, thanks for the input, Pizza! :smile:


ye thanks lol oh and another thing … duelyst is an ever changing game with the release of new cards every month so thats another reason to hold off for now maybe think of crafting a couple when next month rolls in


I really want to love Aegis Barrier, the issue tends to be that Lyonar decks generally already use all available mana each turn, use all their space for their deck’s function and that a lot of the prominent sources of dispel (the two you mention, Sun Bloom and Chromatic Cold) are all able to target minions affected by Aegis Barrier. Ironcliffe Guardian is probably the single best Aegis Barrier target with maybe Elyx coming in second place (because they’re still big bodies even if they get dispelled), but holding onto the Guardian for one more turn so you can cast Barrier alongside it tends to be tricky.

In all I think Aegis Barrier has a real future and can have a solid spot in your deck even in higher ranks. But you’re going to have to figure out its worth yourself, because it’s been a difficult card to appraise in general terms.



Indeed, I have found Aegis to be very match up dependent. I recycle it vs Lyonar and sometimes Vanar.
Note that eating a chromatic cold with an unbuffed Ironcliffe is not too bad. You mostly want to avoid removal, and they would have to spend the removal card on top of the discard to your Ironcliffe+1 mana which cycled itself. If he was buffed to the sky, it is another matter entirely, though =)


You’re absolutely right. Any day my opponent is 2-for-1’ing my Guardian is a good day.


You’re right about that, whenever I’ve played Aegis Barrier, it’s only ever really been useful on minions that have been buffed with Divine Bond. Otherwise it’s a dead draw, I find myself replacing Aegis Barrier most of the time, except later in the game. If I had a better card, I’d most likely remove both or one Aegis Barrier. Think I’ll wait to see what the new cards are for next month, like Kevin said, then maybe rework my deck again.

On a positive note, I did make slight changes to my current deck, and I’ve been having a slightly easier time so far… not quite there making the climb to S rank, but at least I’m getting the 15 gold faster which helps :slight_smile:


That’s usually what I hope for too, the opponents spending two cards to deal with one. I rarely rely on Ironcliffe for provoke, usually just need it for a Divine Bond play, or healing target as Zir’an decks don’t usually have many high health minions that stay on the board long enough. So if they wanna spend two cards to take care of Ironcliffe, go right ahead! :smile: