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Hey All, New Player Here!


I feel so old…


I feel old and I’m the second youngest user here.


Who’s the youngest? I thought you were 13.


i am.

im slightly yonger than him, but still 14


Welcome back :slight_smile:

Hunger Games, good memories :grin: :cake:


Thanks, cakeman :slight_smile: Feels good to be back.

Oh, and about Hunger Games. It depends on someone, perhaps myself, being bored enough to run the simulation and post the good stuff. Not saying I will, but maybe :slight_smile:


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Hey All, New Player Here!

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This Community is getting “better” every day.
Totally on par with the game.


Apparently it does actually exist according to @halcyon98.


It does. I can confirm.


I’ve just recently started making some. It’s good. stay tunes


:sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

I guess r34 has to be strictly abided by.


Holy shit gimme some.


Plz gimme da dooly boss!


Extremely important for me to know where to post my illicit duelyst content :sweat: Whey at


Pms through forum


lmao. I’d love a more permanent place BUT yeah that works :smiling_imp:



Thanks for the art man, it looks really nice!
Cool touch with the heartseeker on the tail as well!

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