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Hey All, New Player Here!


Hi guys, I’m @thefirstgokun . I like coming up with card and faction designs, creative forum games, writing long walls of text, and the Hunger Games. I hope we can all get along before I forget my password and go silent for 6 months.


:joy: :laughing:

Welcome back!


Welcome back to the cult!

Please join the Noah’s arc of the Duelyst community https://discord.gg/eHUvUb.

Inb4 Gokun was brought back by the devs like Raqyee.


It’s true, they sent me a care package with a Crystal Wisp dakimakura and a tear-stained letter begging for my return.
Pray tell my good friends, what fresh memes are making the rounds on the forums? Any threads worth watching?


Let me shamelessly self-promote my meme since you’re asking so nicely.

@deathsadvocate and @miguelosz Abyssian threads are quite active, and @alplod is currently full of creativity.

Welcome back!


No. The purification crusade is alright I guess and we have been making some memes.

I have made a Duelyst meme but it’s of a user that doesn’t use forums.


Nice to see familiar faces again :slight_smile:





Welcome back Gokun, glad to see the old Mememaster is still around!


Now you’re just flattering me.


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Dooly Hunger Games season 2 wen


Welcome back!




Considering the amount of Duelyst memes you’ve made I thought you deserve a title like that :sirpenti:


As you were before my time, I will wait until I have heard your faction main so that my greetings may be chosen accordingly. There is more than one acceptable though testing to my finite patient answer. You could also pick one that will grant you my deepest favor and finally you could fall onto one that will bring upon your character and reputation the deepest suspicions.

Only time will tell in which lot you may fall. The rest is up to you.


Hahaha, oh cool, a new player! click waiiittt…
On a happy note, welcome back!


afaik, not Hai.


Nice to meet you, phoenix :slight_smile: I haven’t played Duelyst for over half a year due to forgetting my password, but I remember that when I did play I never had a real main. Duelyst is such a great game because every faction has something great to offer, so I just bounced from archetype to archetype having fun.

On a related note, is everybody’s deck except mine still cancer? How’s the meta?


The meta is really wide but centered around Wanderer Rag and Fault Vet. Vanar is bad but it doesn’t stop some players doing well in Meltdown League. I’m writing an article on how well Vanar does in each week for the Meltdownleague btw.


Who are you?


Gokun, the god of Duelyst memes, our lord and savior.