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Here is Duelyst Android App


sounds like a plan. I’m chipping in 50 bucks. with bepoest that’s like 150 bucks lol.
@alplod netcode aside, I wonder if it’s better to just code the whole game from ground up. I mean, if they couldn’t fix a lotta bugs


Errrrm… why me?


I think he was asking the question to you assuming you have coding knowledge :thinking:?


I have some, but I’m a mathematician, not a programmer. It matters.

I have no clue how to write an app, but I can make a code to solve a PDE :slight_smile: (no, I can’t, btw, that’s just an example)


Prescription Drug Event?


Worse. Partial Differential Equation


shit, i thought you have it figured out :joy:


I’d put some money down, seriously.


If it’s money I wouldn’t mind putting in a bit, don’t have much but I’ll probably manage 50