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Here is Duelyst Android App


I made an app for Android. Please note that this is just the browser version of the game but modified to fit the phone screen. Therefore, it is not optimized or anything like that. It will drain your battery and mobile data, so probably best you use it on short spurs, like on the train or something like that.

I have a Google Pixel XL (which is over 2 years old) and it has been working perfectly for me. If you have an old phone, it probably won’t work for you. It basically works perfectly, just a few small annoyances to be aware of:

• When you first load up the app, it will redirect you to the duelyst.com home page. Just hit the back button on your phone and it should bring you back to the sign in screen. It takes a while to load after hitting the back button, so be patient. It does work. Refresh after a minute if it is still did not load.

• I noticed sometimes a few assets will not load immediately. Like the background of the board will be black or the general’s artwork when searching for a game does not show. I just refresh the app after I play my first game if this happens. To refresh the app, swipe from the left and touch the refresh button.

• Modifying/creating decks is a pain because clicking on stuff there brings up the keyboard so it gets annoying. You have to touch on the back button on the top left to go back to the main menu (phone back button does not work here).

To install, you have to allow unknown sources in settings. If you are having problems with the app crashing or something, then your phone probably just can’t run it.

Here is the link for the app: https://duelspot.com/assets/uploads/app/Duelyst-2019.apk

If it works for you, great. If it does not, I am sorry but there is not much else I can do.


Wow. Can’t say that I need it, but you’re still my hero! I guess that was some effort! Thank you!


And if the screen stays black after 10 minutes, stop being patient and refresh. ;-p

EDIT: @chuyqwerty It works for me. Samsung Galaxy S7. Thanks! You’re a boss. (and I mean it in the best sense of the term)


You are my hero! I have a slightly more recent phone and it works great!


Yea it should not take THAT long. Usually it is like a minute tops. I should have been more clear, my bad.


Man this is amazing :heart_eyes:


my god, why i just spend all my money for a iPhone…


it works but I do not have the menu (Play, Watch etc…) :cry:
on iPhone Xs
i ckecked on firfox and chrome.


Damn, sorry man. :frowning:


Android supreme race confirmed. My phone is junk so I probably can’t use it. Still really cool though!


Sweet! I’m getting the Galaxy S10+ in a few days. I will try it then.


Because we have to chase him. Because he’s the hero Duelyst deserves, but not the one it needs right now, so we’ll upvote him. Because he can take it, because he’s not a hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight .


It works well on one plus 6 considering you’ve got a stable wifi connection


he a fucken hero


Should be sticking on top!


Players creating Q4… I like it.


Next thing we need to do is buy the IP.


I’d chip in 100 bucks.


Now we need our own server, and open source code. With blackjack and hookers.


This is really great (but only shows how outdated my mobile devices got…I thought my Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet could be enough but I forgot it is 3 years old now, not to speak of my phone :stuck_out_tongue: )

To be found on the wiki: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Mobile_Play