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Here is a "fan-made" magmar concept card

Hey! I love duelyst for many reason, and one of these is the pixel art! I tried to create an almost looking like magmar minion :wink: This minion could have a passive like : "when an egg hatch, deals X dmgs to a random ennemie (X the attack of the hatched minions ? ) I didnt make the others animation appart walking and standing but i found it cool so , what do you think about ? :slight_smile:! magmar fan made
(sorry for my english)


Cool design! :+1:

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Love the sprite, nice work

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Fantastic work!

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Looks really cool! Looks like an artillery type minion, something similar to mortar-maw… Hey maybe artillery magmar could be a new deck type!

ty :slight_smile: Yes !!! i see :wink: Yeah, he could bend over and then shoot a rock or “mortar” forward:) it’s true he could be nice, or I was also thinking about an attack with “geysers”. Good idea!

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