Heptatonic Prana Engine - conceptualizing a Mecha Ox deck


For if one already seeks to pull a bunch of mobs in one go, why not mix two quests with the same principle together?

I’d like to explore on this idea a little before i go all out burning my spares to amass the Spirit for the SILVERs and any other missing pieces, so i seek general advice in building and handling a MechHai setup in general.

  1. Awesome deck name.
  2. I tried Hideatsu + Mech and found very awkward. The Trial takes forever, or your Mechaz0r build can’t be correctly timed. But I’m a bad player and that was a long time ago, you’ll be better.
  3. I cannot praise S.I.L.V.E.R. enough if you like to play Mechs. This card makes a lot of things possible in every faction.
  4. Awesome deck name.

Onto the deck review:
I’m not sure what Katara is about here. Ash Mephyt is a monster when the Destiny is online, but the current curve of the deck makes it unlikely that you’ll complete the Trial fast enough.

I like the Deceptib0t angle with your spell package, I should try that also when I finish to craft them.

EMP is your only 7 drop, meaning that you are forced to play it to complete the Trial. If you happen to have a board before that, it’s going to be shut down :’( That’s quite sad as your only 6 drop is a S.I.L.V.E.R., so all your Mechs are supposed to be powered up.

In MechHai, I have found that Second Self is a valid card to backup your Mechaz0r, but it does not belong in this deck at all, it’s more of a mid-range thing where it can also backup a Killing Edged Thunderhorn.

Edit: And the deck name is awesome.


This is my take on the deck (older deck so haven’t updated it with new cards that I have)

EMP is very counter productive in a mech deck, but it work as a 7 mana, alternate board wipe, and straight up good card.

My take on S.I.L.V.E.R is that it is a terrible card that only works in a combo deck (IE: deceptib0t) or as a 7 mana combo with helm to create mechaz0r, but you generally want mechaz0r out much earlier than 7 mana. Its great when it works, and is a win-con in itself, but is removed easily if it doesn’t have immediate board impact. It does function as a 6 mana minion for trial, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it over more removal based 6 mana minions.

I will admit I’m a bit biased because I prefer finishing the trial over mechaz0r, but your deck has some pretty solid picks, and only needs some quick fine-tunes to smooth it out.

Your list looks a bit oriented towards mech synergies themselves, and playing a slower board oriented Zoo list instead of mechaz0r or Trial, which is absolutely not wrong and is flexible enough to drop out big threats, steamroll with trial, or just establish tempo and remove threats with Songhai positioning cards, but impacts mechaz0r and trial consistency.


@cookedpoo I think your deck is a very solid one, as far as this concept can be pushed.


S.I.L.V.E.R. has an immediate board impact if you have an existing Mech board, but this is sometimes sketchy to ensure. It likes Chassis of Mechaz0r.
It should be ramped up / cheated with Flash Reincarnation or similar as much as possible.

It should always be played with Metaltooth.


From experience and my own terrible piloting of mechs, I’ve found S.I.L.V.E.R to be replace fodder because of its low board impact, and need of a board/combo hand to be of use, but mainly due to the fact that I don’t use S.I.L.V.E.R as a win-con but more of the nail in the coffin. This is obviously wrong in the hands of different pilots, but is just something that I feel like others might want to know before crafting S.I.L.V.E.R, because it can be a pain to use correctly.


@bepoest Reading Exalted does wonders to your weeb-shit-naming technique and Ebon Ox is unorthodox enough to demand this. Katara is there as both 1-drop fodder and an alternate perfect backstab user in more trying times, the thick of her existence there is simply fattening the early parts of the curve while still making sense with the minion/spell loadout.

On you an @cookedpoo 's thing on EMP, i admit i took him most out of “STAPPLE 7 DROP” and he being one of my biggest drops in my second Ox deck (which is a pure Neutral/Multispawn loadout) . Alternates i’m thinking currently are: Mnemovore, War Talon, Saberspine Alpha and Zurael. Maybe Pandora. Edit: oh, Caligrapher!


Are we talking about White Wolf’s Exalted? I never read this one, I’m a Mage The Ascension or Aberrant guy.


Yep, WW/Onyx Path’s thingo. Since Exalted is pretty much every other WoD splat together in a fantasy world and amped up in power levels up the wazoo, imagine the martial artist wizard kung-fu side of mage. On everyone. And Hunters (Solars) are actually scary-awesome while Mages (Siderals) tamper on the physics engine of reality (aka The Loom of Fate), every charm/spell name everywhere oozing with wuxia. It is beautiful.


In my experience, Mech Ox is awful. Tempo Ox is far better (just put all good minions for the cost in the deck).


Mech Ox isn’t all that bad. It actually does work in the early game. Just chuck some of the stuff like silver and co and replace that with a better lategame(my opiniion).


I’m still learning to pilot it as i go, but i want to share with you guys the most spectacular match this baby brought me so far.
Thanks, guys.
Edit: And anotha one.


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